If you have got young pup which needs training or a hunting hound which has a lot of energy to burn, private dog walking fields can offer the perfect space.

Whether you want to hire it out for your just and your pooch or with a group of friends, Norfolk has plenty of secure spaces you can hire.

Damion Vincent is the owner of Fetch Dog Walking and Training – which was recently named best dog walking business in the country – and regularly uses them for his work.

Eastern Daily Press: Damion Vincent, owner of Fetch Dog Walking and Training, at Donkey Dell Dog Fields in Norfolk.Damion Vincent, owner of Fetch Dog Walking and Training, at Donkey Dell Dog Fields in Norfolk. (Image: Damion Vincent)

The 41-year-old, from Horsham St Faith, said: “They have become really popular especially over the past few years. They are amazing and I think more of them will be popping up.

“A dog is not designed to be on a leash they want to be left to explore. It is such a simple concept, I do not know why it has not happened sooner.

“They are great if your dog has poor recall or if they can be reactive in public spaces. It is also great for trainers to hire.

“I have a customer with dogs who cannot be let off leads but need the exercise. She pays for the field and I take them there.

"It is full of scents and smells from the previous dogs. They absolutely love it.”

Here are five dog walking fields to hire in Norfolk:

1. Donkey Dell Play Fields

Where: Frettenham Road, Horstead

Price: £10 for 60 minutes for one dog - for more times and prices see website

Donkey Dell Play Fields has been designed by dog owners to allows visitors to relax while their pooches enjoy some exercise within its fully fenced and secure site.

On its website it states: “Our first field that you will be booking is about one third of an acre with dog proof fencing from the ground to a height of six feet. There is a bench and a table for your comfort too.”

Eastern Daily Press: Georgia Seaman is a dog walker from Fetch Dog Walking and Training in Norfolk.Georgia Seaman is a dog walker from Fetch Dog Walking and Training in Norfolk. (Image: Damien Vincent)

2. Puppy Paddocks

Where: Carleton End, Watton Road, Barford

Price: Dog owners must register before booking

If your dog is reactive, unreliable or just needing a safe place to run, Puppy Paddocks provides a secure area for play or training.

The site is separated into three areas which includes an activity paddock with soft agility equipment, grass humps, tunnels, and a tyre scurry area.

The sheep field is a two-acre grass paddock with buddleia islands and a fenced digging pit.

The runway is also accessed through the sheep field, which is an area of grass planted with trees, shrubs and herbs for a sensory experience.

3. The Stretch and Play Dog Park

Where: The Street, Felthorpe

Price: £7.50 for private use with a friend

The Stretch and Play Dog Park is another safe enclosed area for dogs to play off the lead.

It is ideal for owners who are looking to train their dogs in a secure area.

The business also offers agility classes and socialisation sessions.

One dog owner said: “It is a fantastic place to meet and let your furry friends play. It has agility equipment and a shelter with table for humans.”

4. Norfolk Dog Facilities

Where: The Street, Foxley, Dereham

Price: £40 per month for one hour weekly – with maximum of four dogs

If you prefer to allow your dogs to fully stretch their legs in a secure environment while having complete peace of mind, Norfolk Dog Facilities is another great choice.

Dog fields are also ideal for pooches which have a nervous temperament or show signs of aggressions towards other dogs or people - so they can enjoy themselves without needing to worry.

On its website it states: “We welcome dogs of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are looking to exercise, train or simply play with your dogs in a private setting with no distraction from others, our field may just be what you are looking for."

5. Welham's Farm Secure and Safe Dog Walking Field

Where: Wiggenhall Saint Germans, King's Lynn

Price: £10 for up to three dogs for 55 minutes

If you want a hassle-free walk where you do not have to worry about other dogs, people or recall fails, then Welham’s Farm is another option.

The field is just under five acres and is secure all around.

One dog owner said: “Very secure, lots of room for dogs to have a nice run about, toys for the dogs, poo bags and tap for fresh drinking water."