Here are 15 unanswered questions about Marcella’s series finale on ITV

Anna Friel as Marcella (C) iTV

Anna Friel as Marcella (C) iTV - Credit: ITV

It was a grisly end to a series which has been macabre to say the least ('scenes that some viewers may find distressing'? You're not kidding) but did the finale of Marcella wrap up all the loose ends? No, it didn't. CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS.

In one of the most bonkers finales of any police procedural I can remember in a long day's march(ella), we finally discovered the truth about the serial killer in ITV's Monday night murder, madness and mayhem thriller.

Not only did Marcella interrupt serial killer Jane at work – she was about to lobotomise Marcella's son Edward, a nasty little creep prone to crushing mice to death with his bare hands and poking maggoty foxes with sticks – she also gave herself a restroom makeover and resurrected The Parka from series one in order to facilitate her brand new life under a bridge.

Whether you understood the ending or not (I am still getting to grips with it after facing a Q&A session from my husband, who said the ending had more holes in it than one of his industrial colanders in his kitchen at work) it's undeniable that writer Hans Rosenfeldt has left the door wide open for a third series.

But did the final episode answer all our questions? Did it wrap up all the loose ends like fish and chips in newspaper? Did it hell.

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I have been left pondering a host of unanswered questions left in the wake of the finale which saw Marcella give herself a DIY makeover in the police toilet block which began by smashing a colleague over the head with the top from a cistern and ended with her transformation into a Mod Joker. Here are 15 questions I'm still asking myself after Monday's episode.

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1) Why did Marcella just accept (albeit after a swift smack) that weird techy Mark had installed spyware on her laptop and was filming her at home?

2) Where did the plot involving the lesbian couple take us?

3) Was the care home owner covering for Jane? If so, why?

4) What happened to the rock star played by Keith Allen?

5) Where are baby Taylor/Samantha Colletti now?

6) How did Jane get all that spare time to abduct/murder/hide children when she's a single working mum raising her daughter alone?

7) Why haven't we explored more about how creepy Marcella's ex-husband is?

8) Wasn't Marcella's therapist – the one who discovers what really happened with Juliet – the one recommended by Marcella's creepy ex-husband's new creepy girlfriend Becky?

9) The last person we saw with Gail was, er, Becky. Why didn't we find out more about this?

10) Why did no one ever mention Adam again (the boy in a coma since the car he was rescued in was hit by a train)?

11) Just how did Jane kill Gail and dump her in the river? She was considerably larger than a child.

12) Why did the coroner not pick up the fact that Juliet had been shaken if it really happened?

13) Why didn't anyone check the DNA found in the burnt house with the sink-load of DNA Marcella left behind at the police station next to a handcuffed and injured police officer?

14) Can hypnotists really put people under in less than five seconds?

15) Would anyone want Marcella Backland to be their undercover police officer? Surely her weird walk would give the game away in a matter of paces...?

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