You DO have time to run a just need to find the driving force within you to do it

Sportlink's Neil Featherby believes anyone can run a marathon if they give it the commitment it need

Sportlink's Neil Featherby believes anyone can run a marathon if they give it the commitment it needs. Picture: Archant - Credit: Copyright Archant Norfolk.

I've spent the last week talking to endless people about the London Marathon and how they would love to run in the big race one day.

Many people say they simply don't have the time or they've heard about the sacrifices you have to be make to train for such an event.

But firstly I would question the word 'sacrifice' and secondly what they meant by not having time to train for it.

Training for a first ever marathon, or even 5k for that matter, requires commitment and dedication.

However, sacrifice is a word that needs thinking about when using it in such a context. If it means cutting back on alcohol and unhealthy foods (note I did say cutting back and not cutting out entirely as life is also about enjoying the things we like doing within reason) then that surely is not a sacrifice.

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As for not having the time, then my answer to that is if you really want to, you will most definitely make, and find, the time.

With the exception of an obvious few people who unfortunately for medical reasons cannot run, we are all more than capable of getting fit and taking those first few steps towards running that first ever 5k Parkrun or indeed 26.2 miles if we have the real want, desire and determination to do so. However, it is important to plan those sessions very carefully to get the miles you need in at a sustainable rate. You have to also make sure it fits into your lifestyle.

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There will be times when the temptation to miss a session may be too great and, if so, don't worry just as long as you get straight back to it the next day.

It is all about finding out what motivates and drives us on whether it be for those that may take six hours or even the elite at the front of the field who finish in just over two hours. You will usually find a driving force coming from within.

Whereas for the champions it might mean world records, titles and perhaps prize money, for the masses it is usually about raising money for a favourite charity or the thought of lost loved ones very much in the mind and heart which when the going gets tough will help keep you going. When you cross that finish line it's just about as good as it can get.

May is not only my favourite month of the year but it also marks a milestone for me. Since May 1981 there hasn't been a single day gone by without me having done at least one run a day.

I don't train anywhere near like I used to back in the days of when I was running over 100 miles week in and week out.

But just getting out there each day keeps my long standing running streak going – a day devoid of a run would just not feel the same anymore. Obsession or addiction? I am not sure, but whatever it is I can't give it up!

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