World Cup results not going for Milo - but he’s still here

Milo the Armadillo from Banham zoo predicts the teams for the World Cup.Chile V Brazil

Milo the Armadillo from Banham zoo predicts the teams for the World Cup.Chile V Brazil - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2013

Remember Alan Hansen saying 'you'll never win anything with kids', or Michael Fish telling us not to worry about hurricanes?

Yes, even the best pundits get it wrong sometimes.

He may not have been quite as catastrophic a soothsayer as those two famous cases, but our mystic mammal, Milo the armadillo, from Banham Zoo, hasn't quite been firing on all cylinders so far in the knockout stages of the World Cup.

Of the eight second round games, he's got the winner right in three, correctly going for Holland, Argentina and Germany, who all progressed from their ties.

But Milo's radar was out of whack when it came to Nigeria, USA, Chile, Uruguay and Greece, who all flopped out despite his predictions.

Despite his shaky start, the thick-skinned eight-year-old will keep sticking his armour-plated neck out until the final.

First up is the quarter-finals, with Milo having his first chance to redeem himself in tonight's game between France and Germany, before hosts Brazil take on Colombia in the later kick-off.

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He'll also be hoping for the right results in tomorrow's games between Argentina and Belgium, and Holland and Costa Rica.

Whatever the outcome, Milo has already secured his place as a fan's favourite at Banham Zoo's Amazing Animals show, where his live predictions have become a popular part of the entertainment.

Plus, regardless of the weekend's results, he's still better than Robbie Savage.

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