World champ backs Thaxton

CHRIS LAKEY World champion Junior Witter says his money is on boxer Jon Thaxton bringing the British lightweight title back to Norwich next month.


World champion Junior Witter says his money is on Jon Thaxton bringing the British lightweight title back to Norwich next month.

“It was before and it definitely is now after seeing the stage he is at this far out,” said Witter, who has sparred with Thaxton for the past two days.

“I'm happy that he is going to be spot on on the night.”

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Witter, who lifted the WBC light-welterweight title in September, went six bone-jarring rounds with Thaxton at the Kickstop gym in Whiffler Road, Norwich, yesterday, and will meet up with his former stablemate next week in Sheffield, before a final session in Norwich again.

In the weeks leading up to Thaxton's December 8 top of the bill showdown with Lee Meager in Dagenham, Witter is confident Thaxton will have ironed out any imperfections.

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“He's looking good, he's adapting to the style that he needs,” said Witter. “He has to work on his sharpness just that little bit, but he's got the next couple of weeks to do that, which at this stage is about right. He just needs to carry on over the next few weeks.

“He's going to come up and spar with me next week with some of the club lads from Sheffield and I think on the night he'll be sharp and it will be right.

“There's a couple of technical things he's doing wrong, but overall I'm happy with it. I'm happy where he is. I saw him spar a few months ago and he wasn't as good as he is now. He's picked up and got his mind focussed, he's thinking about what he's doing, he appreciates what I am doing for him. I am sure he will be right on the night - my money's on Jon.”

Witter has been asked to do a presentable impersonation of Meager - but with the added power and bulk that a light-welterweight carries.

“I have got attributes that Lee Meager will never have,” added Witter. “I am a little bit quicker, I can see shots coming that bit faster and I pull out the way that little bit more, which makes it harder for Jon but which is only going to improve him on the night when he will find it easier.

“If it all goes to plan, he will be firing on the night and I expect to se him come back British champion.”

The work at the Kickstop has been done under the watchful eye of trainer Graham Everett, who has been impressed with Witter's approach.

“He does a better impersonation of Lee Meager than Lee Meager does,” he said. “It's tough and Jon doesn't have it his own way. He is putting himself through something _ I don't think it will be as difficult on the night. Junior is coming into him and really working him hard, with rights and big left hooks. We couldn't have better preparation.”

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