Working partnerships bring King’s Lynn reward

If it ain't broke, don't fix it – a mantra that could apply to the King's Lynn management team.

Kevin Boon and Gary Setchell are proving that managerial partnerships do work – and not for the first time in Boon's case.

Boon and Darren Bloodworth took Lynn to the Southern League title in 2003-04 and Boon is now hoping to add more silverware to the trophy cabinet this season.

Town are fighting battles on three fronts, but it's the FA Vase, and today's semi-final first-leg trip to Coalville, which is uppermost in his mind.

So far, the dream is coming true.

'I came in with a bunch of lads when they were in trouble before and it took a couple of years and we won our first championship in 50 years and for a local boy like me it is a massive achievement,' he said.

'When I brought Biff (Bloodworth) in, he had all the coaching abilities and he had been there and played at Lynn and this is why on the management side I brought in Gary Setchell to work alongside me on a 50-50 partnership. Gary is another local lad, he has been in the non-League game, he has been a professional with Rushden & Diamonds. He knows the game just as much as me.'

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The similarity is that with both partnerships, Boon has left his sidekick to do the coaching.

'The coaching? I'll be honest I have never liked it,' he says candidly.

'I love the man managing side of the football club and we have hit on a great partnership.

'Me and Biff, me and Setch – people ask why can't you do it on your own, but the honest answer is I don't like the coaching side.

'There's nothing wrong with that – look at Lowestoft, they've got three managers. When you share responsibility in life it makes it a lot easier, especially when you have day work and everything else.

'I enjoy man management and finding players. We both know what is going on on the field. It isn't rocket science to see whether people are putting the work in or not and who has had a bad game.

'Setch is a very good lad to work with and I think in the next couple of years somewhere along the line he will move on and perhaps do it on his own, or I will step back. But at the moment what we have got between us means we don't want to split up because it is working.'

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