White Boats out in force

Wroxham Week started in light winds – mainly north-west to north –which gave the race officers a challenge in setting a course with reasonable beats.

As expected, the largest entry came from the White Boats (45), followed by the Cruisers (29) and BODs (28).

Christian Young and his crew had a good day, winning the morning BOD race from Ali Clabburn and Tony Boardman, and following up with a second place in the YBODs behind the seemingly inevitable Chris Bunn.

This race, sailed in the afternoon, after the usual false start, saw Patrick Richardson making a great start at the far end of the line, while, at the clubhouse end, Robert Self's start would have been even better had he not slowed down in the run-up and then found himself slightly in the doldrums.

Even so these two, along with Paul Elliott and Young, showed the rest the way for much of the race, as Ian Tims tried to work his way up.

Bunn took charge midway through the race, and Richardson slipped back, as Tims moved up into third, passing Elliott and Self, the last named working his way into fourth by some judicious tacking on the final leg.

Younger members of the Tims clan are also involved, and Laura, crewed by her cousin Charlotte, gained a third place in the morning Norfolk race, behind the experienced helms John Atkinson and Ray Johnson. Neither, though, were up to seriously challenging Martin and Jenny Broom in the afternoon event.

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Stu Rix, weekend winner in the BODs, transferred to the Cruiser class and won the Anglia TV Trophy, beating the experienced Chris Pank and Chris Bunn, whilst in the slower class Roger Smith gained the Challenge Winch.

The morning Allcomers A, for the Stewart Morris Shield, is a popular event and drew 24 assorted keelboats, with Graham Waring winning in his YBOD, followed by Paul Barker in his Yeoman, and Danny Tyrrell in a Star. At the other end of the scale, Billy Johnson won two of the Three Optimist races, the first from Henry Whipp, who went on to return the compliment by beating Johnson in the third race. Alex Knight and Max McKay also did well to collect the three third guns.

The immediate prospect is another day of cloud and light north-westerlies, so the Race Officers willhave to stay on their toes, but the good news is that temperatures may rise during the week. The bad news is that the wind is forecast to veer northerly, and get even lighter.

• Results


Broads One Design (24): 1 Marsh Harrier (J Tubby), 2 Swan (A Boardman), 3 Flamingo (A Clabburn).

Optimist (21): 1 49 Guillemot (S Rix), 2 62 Little Auk (B Rhodes), 3 Water Rail (R Johnson).

Combined Allcomers (3): 1 White Admiral (S Whipp). Combined Allcomers (6): 1 1952857 (J Cully), 2 HTO (M McNamara), 3 Going Norse (F Foulds).


Broads One Design (24): 1 59 Swan (A Boardman), 2 62 Little Auk, 3 49 Guillemot.

Optimists (3): 1 5710 Top Banana (A Knight), 2 5720 Billy Wizz (B Johnson), 3 6107 Flash (H Whipp).

Allcomers A (7): 1 164 Nimrod (C Brady), 2 87 The Golden Y (G Waring), 3 7419 Segui La Stella (B Shields).

Allcomers B (10): 1 HTO, 2 1952857, 3 Going Norse.

Yare & Bure Tyrrell Trophy: Postponed until tomorrow.

River Cruisers: 1 30 Zingara (C Dugdale), 2 373 Meggie (T Gentle), 3 Raisena (M Broom).

Broads One Design (24): 1 49 Guillemot, 2 20 Spoonbill (N Truman), 3 39 Water Rail (R Johnson).

Yeoman (15): 1 164 Nimrod, 2 133 Moonstone (P Marriott), 3 100 Sun Beam (M Holmes).

Yare & Bure (32): 1 132 Fox (C Bunn), 2 27 Vanessa (P Richardson), 3 2 Scarlet Admiral (I Tims).

Optimist (5): 1 5750 Billy Wizz, 2 4303 Pank Panther (W Rank), 3 Top Banana.

Allcomers: 1 HTO, 2 Blue Tuesday (D Wilson), 3 Going Norse.

Norfolks: 1 Coot (R Johnson), 2 Woodpecker (G King).

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