West and Fens Fishing: The fish will bite when the warm weather finally arrives

Rot my old wellies if the new season hasn't come round quick – as in next week quick, if stillwaters are your thing.

Believing in spring might sound akin to believing in the tooth fairy, in view of our recent climes, but the warmer weather normally gets the fish going when it gets here.

So if it's mild when Monday comes around, they could be biting. There are now six stillwaters to choose from on the Lynn book, with two new venues added in recent weeks.

Snettisham's going to become a bit of a focal point, with Springside Lake joining the established Shepherd's Port complex up the road.

This pint-sized pit has been punching above its weight for a couple of summers now. At one point it was so good even I was catching on there.

You don't need to be a member either, with day tickets on sale. Joining Lynn AA gets you on so much water a book's a good investment.

You'll need one to fish Shepherd's Port, which has matured into a good mixed fishery.

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Bear Lake's the place for no-frills, in your face carp bashing, a doughnut full of pasties, as someone once eloquently described it.

Its neighbours Shepherd's and Queen's lakes offer the chance of bigger carp or a good net of tench or bream, or big bream respectively.

One word of warning if you're out and about on Bank Holiday Monday.

You may not be alone, as the EA may well be patrolling waters.

Rod licences expire the day before, so you need to renew yours to be legal.

Prices aren't going up this season and it's still a lot, lot cheaper than a trip to see the beak, with fines starting at around £200 for fishing without one.

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