Waveney Valley: Kirman in right place at right time

A big surge in the flow necessitated extra weight down the line for best results on the Upper River and they certainly came at the Bungay Cherry Tree's Falcon Meadow for their Fisheries Officer Geoff Kirman.

Fishing the waggler on stout tackle, five chub between 3lbs and 5lbs 2ozs plus a few decent perch, and a stone of quality roach he proudly exhibited in his snaps, made up a stunning near 50lb bag. Down at Dunburgh where extra rain water held up the in-flowing effects of the tide and increased the level to overflow at high tide on the footpath conditions were excellent too. Skimmers and chublets, from swims in the wood, fed as the surface slowly moved from right to left freaking a downstream effect. Underneath nearer to the bottom it was creeping along in the opposite direction as water built up. Then when the plug was released at the very peak, and a strong run out began, the roach were really turned on at four metres giving bronze maggots on the hook a good seeing to. In the mid-section the feeder at work saw several 50lb bags of bream from 1lbs to 6lbs. This club controlled and well bailiffed stretch is available by pre-purchased day ticket but only for access down the public steps and not through the padlocked club gate entry for the open bank up to the Boathouse. Good feeder fishing came from the town stretch too with both the Church Score and Puddingmoor Park (free fishing) responding to the increasing colour and flow with heavy groun-baiting and generous hook baits for 4lbs to 7lbs bream on the tip. However, on a lot of Gravel Pits gin clear water kept weights down from normal.

Commercial fisheries topped up their levels and entered the fish a chuck mode and should be even better as the temperatures rise this week. Aldeby Hall Lakes (07799 767216) with their varying faces giving loads of scope for choice and shelter amongst the tree-festooned banks offering all sorts of species to good size. Some Crucian Carp to 2lbs have come from the first lake where parking is a matter of steps away and several double figure mirrors were taken. The bottom Match Lake results speak for not only themselves but demonstrate the quality of the silver fish therein that a lot of anglers enjoy to bulk up the catches and receive regular bites. It is another venue where youngsters will catch on simple baits. Building up memories of the days when dainty red-finned rudd gleam and shimmer in the hand.

Marsh Trail Lakes (07796 437381) near to the Level Crossing and Morrisons roundabout, too has good stocks and value with Tincas to a 7 lbs size that have been appreciated by all anglers in B Pit near to the tiny islands and offering sweetcorn fairly close in.

There is �1 off here if you pre-buy your ticket from a tackle shop. Well-kept Bales Nursery Fishery at Ellingham (01508 518205) has its nooks and crannies which have responded well to those looking for just a few hours and out to catch a few, with silver fish specializing here.