Waveney Valley: Carp still have edge

There have been plenty of fish feeding at the substantial variety of venues available.

However, it has still been a case of finding the best swim because tightly shoaled fish have as yet not dispersed very widely leaving some swims a bit scratchy. Pellets have been the best catching hook bait with the hair-rigged presentation getting the most bites.

Common carp have had the edge over the mirrors at Field Farm Wrentham where there is a considerable variety to be caught in their selection of small pond-like well, sheltered little complex. Hinderclay Lakes is a fantastic, wilder venue with considerable expanses of water to entertain even them most discriminative of anglers.

Spring Lake with its peat bottom and mostly shallower areas is one of the first venues to respond in Spring each year and really worth a run out for carp that are caught at even 20 lbs. Best bet for a general day there is William Lake with nice roomy swims and a reasonable depth.

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