Water levels make fishing difficult

The tidal waters around Beccles slowed down a bit with the high levels making a large number of swims unfishable from the banks.

Nevertheless, most of Beccles still managed to yield some fish and diligent anglers who stuck at it crept into double figures. The North Cove Saturday match was won with 20lbs.

Not a great deal of colour came with the surge, but works at Ellingham Mill pushed some colour down as far as Shipmeadow where the bream were enthused to feed on red maggot. Several bags of bronze-flanked beauties with black, fat, humped backs graced the nets, all ranging between 5lbs and 8lbs. To take six of these maybe fell short of a bag-up outing, but were gratefully received. The best bags came from the Church Score where wellies just about enabled getting near enough to cast and land fish.

A mixed bag was landed in a session that lasted six hours by local Albert Parker, but a return two days later saw virtually a blank as the shoals moved on.

Below Geldeston Locks boaters on the last throes of their holidays moored up and battered the bream with bread, taking well over 100lbs of the species to 4lbs, but the bigger bream appear to be lodging around the uncontrolled Dairy Farm area on the Norfolk Bank where permission is still required.

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Commercials benefited from the rain and many recovered an inch or two of their lost depths giving fish a feeding stimulus.

Marsh Trail Lakes saw their silver fish feed with some vigour and the low number pegs of A Lake had some nice roach come out on hemp, caster and the odd tare on the hook.

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Fine, fat roach of a pound are welcome from any water and backing these up have been some lovely 10oz to 12oz rudd as well. C Lake is very under-rated for the size of roach that dwell there and now the nip has started to come into the air the normal appearance of a couple of 2lb-plus roach is again on the cards.

Broome Pits always offers some shelter from the elements whatever nature decides to throw and turbulence on the top and the great vortex effects created with the islands in B Pit stimulates carp. Four over 20 lbs with the biggest 27lbs are reported this weekend from the far side, and the low pegs a pair just short of the 20lb mark came on hazelnut boilies.

Giving it a go before temperatures drop too low were a pair of 8lb tench from the gully in B Pit.

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