Towering challenge

Glenn Roeder will tell his Norwich City players to turn on the power and light up Blackpool tonight - and bring the Canaries' away day blues to an end.


Glenn Roeder will tell his Norwich City players to turn on the power and light up Blackpool tonight - and bring the Canaries' away day blues to an end.

City haven't won in eight games away from Carrow Road this season and have left themselves a task the size of Blackpool Tower to climb if they are to escape relegation.

But Saturday's win over Coventry was a start - and now Roeder wants to make it a 280-golden-mile journey home for City's long-suffering travelling army.

The Canaries travel sickness has plagued them ever since the glory days of the Championship winning campaign of 2003-04.

In that season City won 10 times on the road - but since then they have won just 12 of their 73 away games.

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Blackpool are unbeaten at home but, significantly, are just three places and four points above City, and Roeder believes his team can build on their weekend success, which brought an 11-game winless run to an end - if they put their minds to it.

“I always think you have to try and get through to the players that everything is the same other than you are not playing in front of your own supporters,” said Roeder, who showed his players a motivational DVD as part of the preparation for the Coventry game.

“The fact that teams have better home records than away records just shows you how important what goes on in your brain is - probably more important than what goes on in your legs, because your brain controls everything.

“When you are not picking up points away from home it is more of a psychological problem than a football ability problem.

“It will be interesting to see - I can't wait to get up to Blackpool on the back of a win and I expect them to perform in the way they did against Coventry, minus the 24,000 supporters that are cheering us on.”

Having lifted the roof off Carrow Road on Saturday, City's travelling fans will have to brave the elements at Bloomfield Road, where just the two sides housing home supporters are covered.

“They are the sort of things that players will run out and look at and it doesn't look very appetising,” said Roeder. “Again, that is a mental thing. That is a problem with a person's head if they can't get themselves up just because the ground isn't a beautiful ground and a lovely pitch.

“We have got to get through to the lads, whether we are home or away, whatever stadium we are playing in, we put in a performance and if we put in a performance like we did against Ipswich, like we did against Coventry and for periods against Watford, we will get plenty of good results.

“I am expecting a performance that merits a point or three.”

Roeder is hoping his players take the feel-good factor on to the pitch.

“What we didn't do at Plymouth is we didn't transfer that feeling around the place to a performance,” he said. “What they did on Saturday was transfer that good feeling I had all last week and the previous week into a winning performance.

“I am 100pc certain that what happened on Saturday they wanted to happen and they can reproduce it.

“It is very early stages, we have just won one game of football, but I am glad we are playing now on Tuesday after winning and the good feeling that was running through the team, the squad, the staff, everybody, after the game.

“We have to make sure we replicate that again.”