Torchbearer Harry Heathfield will run double leg after sixth torchbearer will not be part of Cromer’s torch relay

Cromer torchbearer Harry Heathfield will be running an extra few metres today (Wednesday) after it was confirmed a sixth torchbearer would not be taking part in the town's Olympic torch relay

The 20 year old from Holt will be running a total of 600m from the bottom of the pier to Cromer Academy.

The volunteer first responder for the East of England Ambulance Service said he was 'all hyped-up and pretty excited.'

The Cromer leg begins at 4.21pm, with five torchbearers taking their turn to run along Holt Road, Hamilton Road, Garden Street and down the slope on to the promenade. It will leave the promenade via the slope and on to Jetty Street, High Street, Church Street and Norwich Road, where it will finish near Cromer Academy.

The final line-up of Cromer's torchbearers is yet to be announced.