Tims tames the conditions

The 37 YBODs who came to the line on Wroxham Broad experienced two very different days, but, as might now be easily predicted, not that much variation in the outcome.

Saturday afternoon saw strongish winds, up to Force 4, and the first race produced a result which almost matched the final outcome, Ian Tims, with Beth Kremer, winning from Chris Bunn and Nikki Tansley, followed by Patrick Richardson and Stuart Press.

The two following were Matthew Thwaites and Level Evans in fourth, and Paul Carrington fifth, and at the end of the event their positions were reversed.

The second race proved more interesting in that nobody achieved points for winning: Tims, again, crossed the finishing line first, but an earlier infringement had incurred a 20pc place penalty, and his points tally for the race rose from 1 to 8, leaving him with a second, John and Nelia Clabburn third, and Bunn fourth.

Sunday could not have been more different. They all turned up on time for the down broad start only to find flags hanging limply and not a ripple. That was how it stayed all morning.

Eventually something of a north-easterly sea breeze got up, and the third race started a good four hours late.

Mike Evans' start at the leeward end would have been fantastic, had it been just one second later, but, with the programme running behind, the inexorable black flag rule was invoked, and off he went.

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Meanwhile, Robert and Sally Self got their timing spot on to lead from a centre of the line start for the first half of the three-round race, with Bunn and Tims in pursuit.

The trio drew steadily ahead, but sadly Self ran into a bit of a hole rounding the windward mark and lost valuable ground while Bunn loomed close astern and Tims, astutely seeing them in mud broad, slipped down to leeward and steamed through both of them to take the race, with Bunn's new sails helping him through and pushing Self to third. It was better than Self's previous race, when he went hard aground. The final race saw Bunn out in front and well clear while Tims ultimately pulled through to second in a failing wind to take the Dolle Cup by a single point.

• Sadly, I have another recent death to record. Tony Tacon died recently aged 85. A member of Coldham Hall SC for 40 years, he sailed a Yeoman for many years and was also a key figure for a long time in the organisation of the Yare Navigation Race.

• Hickling held a charity day event in support of the Nancy Oldfield Trust, at the wish of Commodore Tricia Hudson.

The final event, the Pursuit Race, produced almost a photo finish after 40 minutes when Greg Northmore's Solo just held off the rapidly approaching Chris Barker in his Laser.

• Horning managed to hold their Open down-river but, unsurprisingly, on a shorter course, from St Benet's to Thurne.

Paul Clarke and Mario Tinge must have thought it was their day when they led the Yeoman fleet all the way to within two feet of the line, when they ran aground and were dropped to third by S Middleditch and David Moore, who obviously didn't take in the situation as he ran aground at the start of the return.

Phil and Liz Ollier took first place in the YBODs in both directions, while the Cruisers saw a close battle between John Holden and Piup Roney, sailing Reflection and Vixen respectively.

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