Team spirit helped GB to secure their outstanding success in Rio

Composite file photo of Great Britain's medal winners at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Composite file photo of Great Britain's medal winners at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. - Credit: PA

As the Rio Olympics came to an end, Team GB could look back on a host of outstanding performances, along with their best medal tally since 1908.

At a pre-Rio conference, UK Sport projected their medal target at 47 to 65 medals, and would need 48 in order to achieve their best ever overseas games. The result was a superb haul of 67 medals, placing Team GB in second place in the medals table, with only USA ahead.

Many people, not only from Great Britain but other nations too, are left with unanswered questions. Just how and why were GB so successful?

After London 2012, many said that our performances would not be recreated. However, we have become the first nation to improve their medal tally after hosting a home Olympic Games.

This may come across to many as a 'surprise', but GB have continued to improve their performance now for the fifth successive Games. This shows just how much we are capable of as a country, and no doubt is a correlation with our rise in support from National Lottery funds.

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Another huge role is the extremely professional environment formed around athletes, otherwise referred to as 'the team behind the team'. These individuals provide nutritional, psychological and physiological support, allowing talented individuals to reach their potential. Without the support staff our success would not be possible!

The team ethos also shone through, and it was very encouraging to see that GB athletes were making reference to fellow team-mates that were left behind, due to injury or non-selection.

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These athletes, too, can be proud, as these people have also pushed the Olympic medallists to be the best that they can be.

Despite the Olympics coming to a close, we have plenty more sporting action on its way! The Paralympics is sure to be another spectacular show, and will be on between September 7 and 18, in which top athletes with disabilities will have their time to shine. They will be hoping to emulate Team GB's performance, which I am very confident they will.

I hope that those who have read my articles over the last few weeks have had a good insight to the Olympic Games, and have been inspired by Team GB. I hope, too, that you will follow the rest of my journey to Olympic success, via my blog or twitter @vicswilliamson.

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