Team Lotus set for another F1 High Court battle

Hingham-based Team Lotus are set for a second date at the High Court next year – after allegations made by Formula One rivals Force India over intellectual property rights.

Force India claim Italian aerodynamic firm Aerolab 'may have' disclosed intellectual property to 1 Malaysia Racing Team – parent company of Team Lotus – in helping develop ex-Lotus Racing's 2010 car, the T127.

In August 2009, Force India immediately cancelled its contract with Aerolab for a 'breach of confidentiality', after which Aerolab started civil proceedings in Italy and Britain against the F1 team for wrongly terminating the deal.

The High Court will hear the case on January 16 against 1 Malaysia, Team Lotus chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne and Aerolab.

Separate criminal proceedings are continuing in Italy, after Force India complained over the wrongful disclosure of confidential information.

Team Lotus are also due in the High Court with Hethel's Group Lotus on March 21, for a trial that should finally decide who can use the Lotus name in F1.

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