Steve Brogan feels for Simon Andrews after their horrific Snetterton British Superbikes smash

Steve Brogan felt like he has been in the ring with David Haye, following his 170mph crash at Snetterton on Sunday.

Brogan was chasing down Simon Andrews in the second race of this weekend's record-breaking British Superbikes meeting in Norfolk, before Alex Lowes' MSS Colchester Kawasaki developed a problem in front.

Lowes' bike dropped fluid on the track at Riches as a result – which left the pair sliding off their machines at one of the fastest points on the track.

Brogan somehow suffered only a shoulder injury and concussion after careering into the tyre wall, before his Honda was thrown 40ft into the Norfolk air.

But Andrews, below, was not so lucky, breaking his right leg in two places as his Kawasaki was left in bits.

The 27-year-old spent the night at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and will undergo reconstructive surgery on his leg later this week, with surgeons confident Andrews will make a full recovery.

As for Brogan, he was left feeling beaten up – but lucky.

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'It was disappointing for me and the team to have that crash in the second race as I was really enjoying that new track and it was making it more interesting,' said the Liverpool rider.

'Now I feel really second hand but I am lucky that I have only damaged my shoulder joint, similar to what Tommy Hill did earlier in the year.

'Other than that I am pretty battered and bruised but the way I feel now I couldn't ride a bike, so I'm just going to try and get back to normal as soon as I can. I now know how David Haye must be feeling like after his fight at the weekend.

'My thoughts are with Simon though, as he came off worse than I did and I hope he's back in the paddock soon.'

The horrific high-speed spill saw both riders exposed – on a day when Snetterton's revamped circuit earned rave reviews and drew a track record 43,000 crowd across the weekend.

Brogan added: 'Simon was slightly ahead of me and he did give me a slight warning as we saw the smoke in a split second, but it happened so fast nothing could have been done.

'Alex had done a great job of getting off the track as soon as he could and you could see that, but it was just unfortunate me and Simon were so close behind and it was just one of those things when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

'I tried for the very wide outside line but that was obviously where Alex had pulled off and I hit the ground I think at around 170mph, so no wonder we went so far.

'I just touched the brake, it chucked me off and down I went.

'My bike was still travelling at some speed at that point…that is one of the fastest points on the circuit, so it was always going to be big.

'I am just gutted for the team as the bike was smashed to pieces and now we need to try and see if we can get back for Oulton Park.'

Round seven of the championship takes place in less than a fortnight's time at the Cheshire track, after American John Hopkins and Japanese defending champion Ryuichi Kiyonari took the BSB race wins around Snetterton on Sunday.

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