Stars left to sweat it out after defeating Somerset

Paddy DavittStars 53, Somerset Rebels 43: Lynn face an anxious wait before sealing a Premier Trophy semi-final spot after last night's tense win over Somerset at the Norfolk Arena.Paddy Davitt

Stars 53, Somerset Rebels 43

Lynn face an anxious wait before sealing a Premier Trophy semi-final spot after last night's tense win over Somerset at the Norfolk Arena.

Rob Lyon's men delivered the maximum home victory they needed in the club's final southern pool fixture but must rely on Edinburgh slipping up to qualify as the best overall runner-up.

Edinburgh still have to race at northern table toppers Newcastle and Glasgow to complete their Premier Trophy fixture list.

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Lynn's win last night left them on 11 points - one adrift of rivals Rye House, with only the three group winners qualifying by right for the last four and the best placed runner- up joining Newcastle, Birmingham and the Rockets.

Somerset managed to pinch 14 points on two huge tactical forays to keep Lynn in check, but Kevin Doolan and guest Ty Proctor squared off the finale to confirm that all important victory.

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Linus Eklof headed Rebels' captain Shane Parker in the opener - Parker poised to line up alongside Eklof in tonight's Premier League clash at Sheffield as injured skipper Tomas Topinka's replacement.

Casper Wortmann's sharp gate claimed the reserves but the excellent visiting duo Jordan Frampton and Sam Masters replied in the next when Kozza Smith careered into the top boards.

Proctor trapped and Darren Mallett earned plaudits for shedding second skin Corey Gathercole after some ferocious early sparring.

Kevin Doolan cruised to heat seven but Masters looked impressively smooth on his first look at the Norfolk Area to repel Wortmann. Frampton's heat seven tactical foray dragged Somerset back in sight on the scoresheet - the Elite League ace gating ahead of Doolan with Ritchie Hawkins holding off a marauding Mallett.

Smith's feverish pit work paid off after two blanks with a pre-interval win to nudge Lynn 11 points clear.

Masters stunned Proctor on the resumption but Mallett's mature heat 11 tour blunted the wily Parker.

Wortmann and Smith's timely maximum in the next looked to be the decisive act of a tight contest.

Parker claimed a crackerjack heat 13 from Doolan with the real fireworks behind - Proctor leaning almost horizontal to pip Gathercole from the deep stuff.

Lynn's guest wagged a telling finger at his compatriot over the finish line in triumph but Masters' tactical in the penultimate threatened to jeopardise Lynn's semi-final bid.

Eklof stemmed the bleeding when Ritchie Hawkins ran wide but Wortmann was less than impressed with the reserve's defensive tactics.

Lynn's 10-point lead looked anything but secure when Frampton and Parker trapped in the finale but Lynn's top boys overhauled the Rebels' skipper to secure a hard fought home win.

Stars: Proctor 9+1, r/r, Smith 6+2, Eklof 12+1, Doolan 13+1, Mallett 5+3, Wortmann 8.

Rebels: Parker 8, Frampton 15, Masters 13+1, r/r, Gathercole 4, Hawkins 3, Allen 0.

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