Sometimes luck is not on your side

WEST AND FENS: There's probably a word for what just happened. It's probably one you won't usually find in the EDP.

It's defined as sitting there for hours without a bite, before you notice some niggling thing wrong with your rig as you're about to recast.

The bottom shot's a bit close to the hook. Maybe moving it a few inches further away will make a difference, you think. So you do.

You noticed another tiny thing when you did. The hook length's looking a little flat where you first pinched it on.

Maybe you should have changed it, you think as the float settles again. You decide you will next cast – just in case the shot's weakened it.

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Before you can, the float buries and the rod bucks round, before *ping* - the hook length goes on the flat spot. You then sit there biteless, wondering what might have been, after fluffing the one chance of a fish all day.

You can take an angler to water, or so the saying goes – but you can't make him think.

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Fishing with 4lbs line's about as alien to me as mowing the lawn and spending my spate time putting up shelves. Roll on pike fishing.

Talking of which Norfolk author Stephen Harper, chronicler of Broadland Pike, is among the speakers as this year's Pike Anglers Club Convention.

The Broads and their recent history are sure to feature prominently – then again, is any other area so rich with tales of monster pike..?

Dave Horton (who's also made the foray into Norfolk) and Micky Jones will be joining him on-stage at Kettering Conference Centre on Saturday, October 1.

Other attractions include all the latest predator tackle, second-hand gear and books.

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