Snetterton results roundup


Historic Seaman & Flockhart Trophies: 1 Philip Walker (Lotus 16); 2 Frederick Harper (Kurtis Indy Roadster); 3 David Morris (ERA R11B).

Standard & Modified Pre-War Racing Cars: 1 Calum Lockie (Maserati 6CM); 2 Nicholas Topliss (ERA R4A); 3 Charles McCabe (ERA R5B).

F3 500: 1 Simon Frost (Martin); 2 Roy Hunt (Martin); 3 George Shackleton (Cooper Mk X1).

50's Sports Racing Cars: 1 Tony Bianchi (Farrellac Allard); 2 Steven Hart (Maserati 300); 3 James Paterson (Lotus X1).

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Vintage Seaman Trophy: 1 Justin Maeers (GN Parker); 2 Stephen Gentry (Bugatti T35B); 3 Duncan Wood (Morgan Super Aero).

Donington Mug: 1 Robert Cobden (Riley Falcon Special); 2 Eddie Gibbs (Frazer Nash); 3 Pete Candy (Riley Super Rat).

Most Read

Redgate Mug: 1 Charles Gillett (Frazer Nash); 2 Frederic Wakeman (Frazer Nash); 3 Andrew Mitchell (HRG).

Spero & Voiturette Trophies: 1 William Mahany (HRG); 2 Paul Lawrence (Austin 7 Special); 3 Mike Painter (MG Kayne).

Scratch Race for Pre-War Cars: 1 Andrew Kellock (Fiat AC); 2 James Potter (Riley 9); 3 Garry White (Riley 12/4).

Handicap for Pre-War Cars - Race 1: 1 George Elbourn (Riley 12/4); 2 William Elbourn (Bentley Le Mans); 3 Dennis Johnson (Frazer Nash).

Race 2: 1 Andrew Mitchell (HRG 1½); 2 Paul Waine (Frazer Nash); 3 David Pryke (Riley 12/4)


Aston Martin GT4 Challenge: 1 Andrew Jarman/Craig Dolby; 2 Richard Taffinder/Tim Eakin; 3 Kevin Norville/Calum Lockie.

HRDC Touring Greats: 1 Peter Burton (Jaguar Mk1); 2 Peter Dorlin/Tom Butterfield (Jaguar Mk1); 3 Matthew Moore (Austin A40).

Equipe GTS: 1 John Andon (Triumph TR4); 2 Pete Foster (Triumph TR4); 3 Peter Edney (MGB).

Intermarque Challenge: 1 William Smallridge (Sunbeam Tiger); 2 Chris Scragg/Boysie Thurtle (Aston Martin V8); 3 Alec Hammond (Chevrolet Camaro).

Pre-War Team Challenge: 1 James Knapp (Frazer Nash Sportop); 2 Tom McWhirter (Jaguar SS100); 3 Clive Morley (Bentley 3-4½).

50's Sports Cars: 1 Darren McWhirter (Lister Jaguar); 2 James Paterson (Lotus Eleven); 3 Steven Hart (Maserati 300).

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