Smoothhounds showing off the shingle beaches

Matt Lawes with his 11lb 9oz smoothhound, caught at Weybourne.

Matt Lawes with his 11lb 9oz smoothhound, caught at Weybourne. - Credit: Archant

There has been some superb sport on the region's beaches this week – and with average luck we should see it get better yet.

The shingle was the pick of the beaches, with smoothhounds and bass showing from the rough ground marks. Matt Lawes had some of the first hounds, from Weybourne, including a cracker of 11lb 9oz.

Rob Allen and Paul Coulthurst followed this up with a good half dozen apiece, including a few into double figures, all caught in far from ideal conditions for these hard fighting sharks. If we can get some wind off the land for a day or two and a relatively warm and settled spell, they should be widespread around our beaches and provide us with good sport.

he wind didn't play ball for the hounds over the weekend, swinging from northwest through to east, but this prompted a surf which in turn encouraged the bass to go on a feeding spree. Lots of nice fish between 2lb and 5lb have shown from Cley round to Yarmouth and there are chances pretty much anywhere as long as there's a surf. I honestly think it will be the same with the hounds when and if the sea goes shear, they could, and probably will, show up anywhere from Hopton to Cley. Below Yarmouth and there are some school bass, some nice codling have shown to crab along north beach and Ness point.

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