Seven medals for fighters from Cromer gym

A clutch of Cromer fighters came back to base with a haul of medals after taking part in the second of a championship series at Boston in Lincolnshire.

On Sunday April 22, Fighting Fit Martial Arts head coach John Mezzetti took 10 fighters to the event, which attracted clubs from Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

Mezzetti said: 'The team as always proved why they are now rated as one of the most promising clubs in mixed martial arts. Some of the juniors who have only fought a few times put on excellent display of technique and sportsmanship.

'And the seniors who fought also proved that hard work and determination pays off.'

The Cromer fighter won seven trophies, including gold for Joel Smithson and Ben Hicks, silver for Ian Wynn, Henry Mezzetti, Dan Cooper and James Cooper and bronze for Kieran Cooper.

Sam Spencer and Dean Palmer both just missed out on top three places, but put in great performances and Francis Lillie missed out on a fight altogether.

Mezzetti said: 'Team FFMA proved once again that when you worked hard and train with good team mates who all respect and help each other then the results will come.

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'With these guys and new ones coming through, along with the semi-pro and pro fighters, I feel 2012 will be a great year for the club.'