Sea Fishing: Windy conditions making it tough on the region’s beaches

Neaps and changeable winds made for tougher times on the region's beaches this week, though there were a few nice fish caught.

Holt SAC fished the fifth round of the Summer Accumulator at Kelling last Tuesday, only six bass were landed this week as opposed to the 70 odd the week before although thankfully the dabs kept coming for Mike Watts who topped the field with 4lb 2oz. Tony Thomas was second with 2lb 15oz and nine-year-old Dylan Neto was third with 2lb 2oz and the day's only sizeable bass. Well done Dylan – it's only a matter of time before you're showing those old hands how it's done.

East Norfolk has been tough – there were a few school bass from Trimingham and Mundesley. I fished at Happisburgh on Saturday and blanked, there's a lot of sand off the beaches in east Norfolk and promises to be more off with the northerlies all this week, hardly ideal conditions when coupled with neap tides.

Paul Turrell sent me his annual email showing me images of the fine rays he catches every spring in Suffolk, a stunning fish a few ounces under 10lb. Paul has put the time and effort into locating these magnificent fish and deserves the full credit he gets for them.

The rest of the Suffolk beats have been similar in form to their Norfolk neighbours with only occasional school bass, dogfish and smoothound pups.

The wind for the week doesn't hold much hope for the northern half of the region, hopefully the southern half will have a bit of improved sport and the next set of springs should bring us more of the long awaited summer species.

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