Sea Fishing: Beach anglers having a whale of a time

There are still plenty of fish being caught on the region's beaches, with the north and east the hot spots again.

Sam Attew was nearly 2lb better than the field in Holt SAC's sixth leg of their summer accumulator at Kelling last Sunday, a 3� bass making the telling difference in his 6lb 10oz catch. Ivan Allison was second with a level 5lb and Pete Morse third with 4lb 8oz.

It's a similar story all along the shingle with flats and school bass; there have been some hounds too, but we need to lose the north and east in the wind for them to come back. I wouldn't be surprised to see some mackerel when it does go flat either.

Bacton down to Gorleston has seen some hounds around Bacton and some pups down around Yarmouth – plenty of bass too above Yarmouth and some eels in the river.

When the sea clears a bit we should see some bass coming to lures in the river and hopefully some better hounds. Lowestoft has produced a few smoothound pups and dogfish and the obligatory whiting. Sole will only be a flat warm spell away I'm sure.

Kessingland has produced a few bass along with the hound pups and dogfish. Paul Turrell returned for another bash at the rays around Orford and was rewarded with fish of 9lb 8oz and 7lb 13oz.

The forecast has the wind going south-westerly which I don't think will be good news for those trying to avoid the weed in the east, though it will perhaps encourage the hounds to feed and maybe the first of this summer's mackerel on the shingle.

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