Saunders is honoured for time trial work

Rarely has an award been more richly deserved than the Badge of Honour recently presented to Don Saunders for his work for the sport of time trialling.

At local level Don has organised numerous time trials – including many of the longest and most complicated events, he has been secretary and chairman of both his club, the CC Breckland, and the regional governing body, the East District. He has constantly taken on that most demanding of tasks – finding safe courses and measuring them.

In a wider context he has been a long-serving member of the national committee and has organised several national championships and travelled the country in the service of the governing body.

The gold badge is awarded by the Road Time Trials Council and Don is only the second person from the East District to be so honoured – the other was his father Albert in 1983.

While the award is not for his achievements as a competitor it is Don's long and continuing experience as a rider – he first rode a 12-Hour at the age of 17 and is a former national tricycle record holder at 100 miles – combined with his unassuming manner, calm, sound judgement and enormous capacity for work that has made him sure a valuable and respected member of the cycling community.

• Don Saunders was standing by his bike, encouraging his two grandchildren in the Stowmarket & District 10 on Sunday They – like the rest of the competitors – found that conditions did not live up to expectations –Emily Davis finishing in 28:01 and 13 year-old brother Declan in 23:15. Winner was Nino Piccoli (Team Pedal Revolution) in 20:21. Talk round the result board centred on second place which went to Martin Pyne (Anglia Velo) winner of numerous events over the years, but recently usually a little lower down the result lists. Pyne suspects that a change – originally caused by a broken seatbolt – to his riding position and concentrated training rather than riding to work have both contributed to his new-found form.

• Off-road riders took part in the 62 mile Tour of the Cornfields sportive on the borders of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. Darren Evans of Team CCN found that his mountain bike was not so quick on the dry tracks as the cyclo-cross bikes ridden by most participants. And the clay that grows the corn so well stuck like anything to wheels when heavy showers hit.

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• Two unexpected cancellations have been announced. The next racing day at County Hall, Norwich, planned for this Sunday has had to be cancelled – the track is needed for car parking for the rescheduled Norwich City match. However there will be racing for all ages there on Sunday, September 25. Also, the End-of-Season Lunch on Sunday, October 2 cannot go ahead this year, due to a leak in the kitchen roof.

Result: Stowmarket & District 10, Thurston: 1 Nino Piccoli (Team Pedal Revolution) 20:21, 2 M Pyne (Anglia Velo) 22:26, 3 M Long (King's Lynn CC) 22:27, 4 S Boyle (Stow & Dist) 22:30, 5 C Nudds (CC Breckland ) 22:49, 6 J Rush (SDCC) 22:51, 7= T Finch (Loughborough Students) and G Stevens (East Anglian CC) both 22:53, 9= D Watkins (CC Breckland) and J Turner (Norwich ABC) both 22:54, 11 D Staff (Anglia Velo) 22:57, 12 R Carrington (Mildenhall CC) 23:03.

Lady: Pamela Ann Missenden (Cambridge CC) 26:04. Tandem: John Swanbury, Ali Banks (VC Baracchi) 23:33.