Sampsom’s strength

WAVENEY VALLEY: The Beccles Quay Marina fished its head off the first few days with Bungay's former marathon runner Graham Sampson finding a succession of fish for the net – but things calmed down in the week to 15 to 18lb bags.

The Dyke dredging started on the Tuesday and is likely to take two weeks. With the Beccles AC boats having to be moved, they are occupying the first five pegs near to the Harbourmaster's Office, it makes space for matches a little tight at present. But 'Bubbles' of the Environment Agency and the club sees no on-going difficulties and the works probably yielding a big bonus in stabilising a winter fishery.

Topcroft keeps throwing up big bags of carp ranging up to 80lb with quality fish from feeder and pole.

The Hulver commercial fishery Lakes, near Beccles, are getting a good name for themselves from reliable fishing in swims that are nicely spaced between the bushes, with a variety of species and having good depth sport that looks set to continue in the colder weather. Bales Nursery Fishery has produced some nice rudd and roach on the pole from the first pool and those fishing worm in place of pellet landed two perch over 2lb and some nice bream up to 4lb that have grown in well in this pretty, sheltered fishery.

The River Chet in Loddon has some fish taking up residence in the Marina Area for the winter.

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But it has been down at Pyles Mill in the free fishing off the Park that has given the best bags of skimmers and hybrids. Top of the tide has given more confidence to feed in a very healthy flow.

Those looking to bag a big eel – as the best times for them start to recede – may be interested to note that the deep water of Diss Mere covered by the Diss and District AC has seen a couple of 4lb specimens taken during the year. However, the best two reported were an over-6lb that came from Hall's Pit sited below the Ocean Pit at Weybread and controlled by the Harleston Club.

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The little fished two to three acre pool has several features but boasts depth of more than 20 feet in the centre. But it is their Dan Turton Bottle Pit where the largest specimens are rumoured to have taken boilies intended for carp.

While the number of eels in general, as reported by the Environment Agency, is down to meagre levels of just 4pc, and elvers running up at a premium, at a number of large gravel pits quite a few two to three pound eels have shown up that are resident and possibly seven or eight years old. Around Bungay it has been hard going unless sitting in one of the tightly shoaled areas and the Fleece AC appear to be getting the major share of these near to the town.

Pushed around by the otters, they find it hard to settle anywhere for long and have tended to feed strongest at the end of the day.

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