Sailing results

Norwich Frostbite SC

Norfolks First Start (6): Lucifer Beyond Repair (D & K Mackley); Cockle (I & L Tims); Wild Duck (G Coulthard, B Thompson)

Norfolk Second Start (6): Minnie (K Edwards, R Kelsey); Coot (R Johnson, W Bush); Mayfly (J Atkinson, L Levine)

Norfolk Overall: Lucifer Beyond Repair; Cockle; Minnie

Norfolk Handicap Race (10): Dumpling (P and E Carrington); Woodpecker (R George, C Lord); Lucifer Beyond Repair (K & D Mackley)

Oulton Broad

Most Read

Fast Handicap 1 (12): Get Over It (Duncan Madin); Skippy (Veronica Falat); Finn Lizzie (David Frary)

Squibs (9): Ex Flame (David Gooch, Gilly Foulds); Silver Fox (Richard Parker); Firebird (Owen Delany, Tony Holman)

Fast Handicap 2 (6): Get Over It; Buster (Ben Falat); Finn Lizzie

Lasers (6): Pinchy (Veronica Falat); ZigZagZig (Jonathon Jones); Williwaw (Simon Marfleet)

Squibs 2 (9): ExFlame; Confusion (Peter Horton); Silver Fox

Rollesby Broad SC

Multi-Sails (8): Wayfarer (P Dearnley, SD Slatter); Albacore (J Saddington, D Manning); Wayfarer (R Sparrow, A Gibbs)

Multi-Sails (10): Albacore; Wayfarer (P Dearnley, D Slatter); Wayfarer (A Gibson, L Nettleton)

Single-Handers (13): Phantom (D Pike); Phantom (L Milton); Solo (I Ayres)

Single-Handers (13): I Ayres; R Wilson; B Graver (all Solos)

Combined Allcomers (14): Solo (R WIlson); Solo (I Ayres); Wayfarer (P Dearnley, D Slatter)

Snowflake SC

Allcomers Down River & Ramuz Trophy (6): Lavinia (R Dugdale, G Williams); Misty Morning (B Westgate, A Fryer); Kittiwake (I Hanson, Q Stewart)

Allcomers Up River & Yeoman Hong Kong Trophy (6): Lavinia; Misty Morning; Solitaire (P Goodman, M Tinge).

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