Open Match Results

Bridge Farm Litcham

Thursday October 17: 1 Shaun Greatbatch (Bridge Farm) 65lb 0oz, 2 Dave Bates (Bridge Farm) 53lb 2oz, 3 Graham Kettle (Mulbarton) 34lb 2oz, 4 Ricky James (Southery) 31lb 4oz

Sunday, October 20: 1 Stuart Elmer (Myhills) 87lb 8oz, 2 Robert Walton (Bridge Farm) 64lb 10oz, 3 Tony Brooks (Tacklemania) 58lb 12oz, 4 Pete Ashton (Martins Tackle) 58lb 11oz

Marsh Trail Lakes open Lake C: 1 Jim Barrowman 69lb 15oz, 2 Neville Cook 56lb 6oz, 3 Richard Baker 55lb, section (A) Gary Button 53lb 3oz, section (B) Frank Ling 50lb.

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Wensum Valley Festival in aid of EA Air Ambulance, Day 1: N Williamson (Tendering T) 29lb 0oz, K Westage (Westies Wonders) 20lb 2oz, K Rolf (Bills Tackle) 12lb 0oz.

Day 2: A Gibbons (NDAA) 11lb 08oz, N Williamson (Tendering T) 7lb 12oz, K Rolf (Bills Tackle) 6lb 14oz.

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Team Winners: Tendering T (N Williams, R Houlding, A Calendar) 55lb 4oz, Westies Wonders 42lb 1oz, Gibbos 34lb 5oz.

Overall Individual: N Williamson 39lb 2oz.

Barford Charity Open in aid of Prostate Cancer UK: M Wiles (AMG) 76lb 1oz, D Cooper (Norwich) 66lb 4oz, K Green (AMG) 64lb 10oz, P Gardiner (Oddfellows) 59lb 14oz, S Elliott (Suffolk AD) 57lb 11oz.

Hill Farm Banham: K Clarke (Acle) 41lb 0oz, N Page (Buckingham) 40lb 14oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 37lb 0oz.

Cobble Acre, Midweek: D Moore (Norwich) 69lb 8oz, C Gladding (Rhino) 45lb 4oz, S Rouse (Martham) 35lb 12oz.

Sat: D Goodwin (N Walsham) 34lb 10oz, S Huggins (Senas) 29lb 10oz, J Smith (Buxton) 29lb 0oz.

River Thurne Martham: A Gibbons (NDAA) 21lb 12oz, D Egerton (Stalham) 17lb 7oz, R Ashby (Wymondham) 17lb 4oz.

Mill Farm, Thu: K Bird (Alburgh) 35lb 4oz, C Clarke (Acle) 32lb 0oz, N Paske (Dereham) 21lb 4oz.

Mon: S Kindleysides (E Harling) 51lb 8oz, P Baglietto (Kevs) 49lb 8oz, R Finch (Deben) 44lb 14oz.

Willow: D Cooper (PWA) 76lb 14oz, S Parker (Norwich) 73lb 11oz, C Knights (Harleston) 53lb 14oz.

Cross Drove, Wed: P Goldstraw (Stan J) 69lb 5oz, R Finch (Deben) 67lb 8oz, J Barrowman (PWA) 63lb 12oz. Sat: J McGuire (Rib Valley) 84lb 6oz, R Bond (Bury) 71lb 10oz, R Finch (Deben) 68lb 14oz.

Club Match Results

Bungay Cherry Tree AC Broome Pits C Pit: C Balaam 22lb 14oz, A Nobbs 10lb 4oz; R Bliss 10lb 1 oz.

Club Sportsmans AC, Barford Winter Series, Barford top lake, Sunday, October 20: 1 M Bunn 20lb 8oz, 2 K Barfield 14lb, 3 P Ginger 12lb 12oz

Dereham Police, River Yare: I Alison 4lb 5oz, M Brown 3lb 15oz, A Swain 1lb 2oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft: D Roe 48lb 13oz, J Catchpole 28lb 11oz, P Manthorpe 22lb 12oz.

Albeby: J Catchpole 29lb 11oz, L Higgins 26lb 1oz, M Runacres 25lb 7oz.

Codgers, Bartles Lodge, Tuesday: A Forrest 95lb 4oz, L Beecroft 59lb 6oz, J Thompson 56lb 8oz.

Thursday: S Brown 74lb 8oz, M Hunt 70lb 8oz, R Harris 43lb 2oz.

Railway: B Martin 36lb 0oz, R Taylor 34lb 3oz, J Tink 33lb 15oz.

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC Open Silverfish Series Match 1, Saturday

Middle Pit: 1 Chris Knights Jnr 23lb 14oz, 2 Jessica Knights 17lb 2oz, 3 Karl Dowse 16lb 8oz

Club Pit: 1 Gary Reeve 17lb 6oz, 2 Robert Hubbard 13lb 10oz, 3 Mal Runacres 8lb 8oz

Holt SAC, Salthouse: P Simmonds 4lb 00, J Carter 3lb 3oz, P Loke 2lb 9oz.

UG, Bartles Lodge: C Cohen 89lb 0oz, D Dagless 40lb 12oz, J Thain 32lb 4oz.

Royal Mail Challenge, Suffolk Water Park: P Goreham (Norwich B) 13lb 8oz, M Tibbetts (Norwich A) 11lb 8oz, C Timms (Norwich A) 10lb 4oz.

Teams: Norwich A 31, Ipswich B 23, Diss A 22 (£100 raised for Elizabeth Hospice)

Wagglers, Hill Farm: B Able 33lb 1oz, S Crowe 19lb 6oz, M Mantle 14lb 13oz.

Aylsham, Barford: C Beales 66lb 14oz, R Isbell 53lb 12oz, M Shore 26lb 4oz.

Mulbarton, Abbey Waters: G Harvey 77lb 2oz, S Fowler 45lb 15oz, C Clarke 34lb 5oz.

Wymondham, Besthorpe: A Farrow 24lb 0oz, J Ducker 14lb 8oz, M Edwards 13lb 8oz.

Earlham Silvers, River Wensum: W Anderson 33lb 0oz, R Thurston 16lb 15oz, G Money 13lb 7oz.

Costessey Crown, Willow: R Ramsbottom 52lb 12oz, T Wright 33lb 3oz, M McEwen 31lb 8oz.

Attleborough MG, Walnut: R Parke 52lb 7oz, M Peek 48lb 0oz, M Fairbrother 26lb 8oz.

Mile Cross, Barford: M Adcock 39lb 4oz, A Gladen 32lb 12oz, B Wrench 25lb 0oz.

Lacons, Barford: A Dorling 36lb 3oz, T Borrett 33lb 15oz, A Howe 19lb 3oz.

Oddfellows, Colton: J Gill 61lb 4oz, P Gardiner 50lb 1oz, M Kopti 38lb 6oz.

Norwich Disabled, Barford: C Humprey 68lb 10oz, M Mickleburgh 56lb 15oz, B Riches 43lb 8oz.

CMG, Barford: D Lewis 68lb 0oz, D Stilwell 47lb 2oz, T Nichols 44lb 0oz.


Mill Farm: Oct 24, 27, 28 Nov 2, 01953 452769

Aldbey Open: Oct 26 draw 9am 07799 767216

Holt SAC Open: Oct 27 Kelling 01263 822400

Barford Fox: Oct 24 match lake, Oct 26 Railway 01603 759624

Cross Drove: Oct 26, 27 01842 828102.

Freshwater Fixtures

Marsh Trail Lakes: Open Lake A Saturday, October 26, draw 9am fish 10am-4pm, £19 per head all in fee, optional golden/silver/pegs standing at £150, maximum 20lb peg match, phone to book. Contact Richard 01502 514682/07796 437381

North Cove & Barnby AC Pike Match: First round of two, Sunday, October 27 draw and walk 8am fish 9am-2pm

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