Pulham to face Holt in cup final

Both semi-finals of the Subsidiary Cup were won by 18 shots, Pulham Market beating Bacton 82-64 at Great Plumstead BC while Holt defeated Mundesley 79-61 at North Walsham New Road.

Pulham Market v Bacton: S Saunders, Mrs M Munns, R Brown 20; G Watts, J Turner, J Ellis 14. J Cox, Mrs P Stannard, A Thompson 15; R Lloyd, D Sadler, R Bran 14. P Lansbury, B Elliott, H Smith 26; D Pycroft, Mrs M Watts, P Dunham 13. Mrs F Frost, R Youngs, P Brown 21; P Mitchell, Mrs J Mitchell, N Taylor 23.

Holt v Mundesley: Mrs J Eldred, R Nurse, Mrs H Rix 21; P Howard, B White, R Howard 21. G Bullock, R Painter, D Bean 21; D Turrell, R Lee, M Cuthbertson 14. B Dennis, Mrs D Barnes, G Cox 17; T Lee, J Jeffries, B Tully 15. M Eldred, S Walker, Mrs M Binmore 20; Mrs J Cox, Mrs I Maskell, B Cox 8.

The final will be on Thursday, August 11 at Honingham BC (6.30pm).