Photo Gallery: Smashing weekend of action as stock cars take to Norfolk Arena track

There were two very different stock car sessions at the weekend as the weather influenced the Norfolk Arena action.

Heavy rain made conditions very tricky on Sunday, with Wisbech's Tom Smart adapting well to book his place in the F2 Stock Cars final.

However, after carving his way through the pack, he misjudged an attack on eventual winner Paul Wilson in the final with two laps to go which forced him to retire after damaging his vehicle.

Wisbech St Mary's Thomas Parrin and Wisbech's Shaun McMillan took heat honours in the 2L Stock Cars, but Ely's Carl Waterfield took home the afternoon's prize for winning the main race.

Fine work from Buster Chapman ensured Monday's meeting could go ahead – much to the delight of another bumper crowd.

Swaffham's Ashley Garrod (fourth in Big Vans), Terrington St Clement's Stuart Green (entertainer award) and King's Lynn's Jamie Childerhouse (second in Small Van Bangers) flew the flag proudly for West Norfolk.

Fans will have to wait until Saturday June 23 for four-wheel racing to return to the King's Lynn track for the annual Bandit Memorial. 2L Stock Cars and Unlimited Bangers will be on the bill.

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Sunday June 3

2L Stock Cars

Heat 1: 1st Karl Petters (Newmarket), 2nd Paul Licquorice (Wisbech), 3rd Marty Colliver (London), 4th Michael Allard (Yarmouth), 5th: Lee Petters (Newmarket), 6th Steve Newman (Spalding)

Heat 2: 1st Tommy Parrin (Wisbech), 2nd David Aldous (Diss), 3rd Shaun Webster (Sheffield), 4th Ivan Street (Chatteris), 5th Danny Collier (London), 6th Simon Venni (Long Sutton)

Heat 3: 1st Shaun McMillan (Wisbech), 2nd Aldous, 3rd Webster, 4th M Colliver, 5th D Colliver, 6th Carl Waterfield (Ely)

Final: 1st Waterfield, 2nd Webster, 3rd D Colliver, 4th Aldous, 5th Jamie Sampson (Lynn), 6th Street

F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1: 1st John Cayzer (Ely), 2nd Tom Smart (Wisbech), 3rd Sam Wagner (Middlesborough), 4th Stuart Cayzer (Saffron Walden), 5th Graham Mole (Lincoln), 6th Paul Nicholson (Sleaford)

Heat 2: 1st Steve Cayzer (Saffron Walden), 2nd Daz Shaw (Wakefield), 3rd Brett Townsend (Oxford), 4th Wagner, 5th Andy Stott (Wakefield), 6th Mark Dorrill (Chelmsford)

Heat 3: 1st Smart, 2nd Mark Clayton (Sleaford), 3rd Townsend, 4th Paul Wilson (Huddersfield), 5th Steve Cayzer, 6th Carl Issitt (Spalding)

Final: 1st Wilson, 2nd Townsend, 3rd Steve Cayzer, 4th Shaw, 5th Wagner, 6th Dorrill

Monday June 4

Big Van Bangers

Heat 1: 1st Gavin Barnes (Dereham), 2nd Simon Goodale (Spalding), 3rd Steve Green (Terrington), 4th Tim Dray (London), 5th Peter Vevers (London), 6th Robert James (Cambridge)

Heat 2: 1st Deane Mayes (North Walsham), 2nd Ashley Garrod (Swaffham), 3rd Kevin McClagish (Wisbech), 4th Dave Vincent (Brandon), 5th Will Longford (Spalding) 6th James

Heat 3: 1st Chris Meddler (Norwich), 2nd Adam Storr (Lincoln), 3rd Garrod, 4th James, 5th Lonford, 6th Dave Miller (Lincoln)

Final: 1st Goodale, 2nd David Gibson (Bourne), 3rd Vincent, 4th Garrod, 5th Dray, 6th Vevers

DD: 1st Dray

Small Van Bangers

Heat 1: 1st 375 Jamie Childerhouse (Lynn), 2nd Jason Farthing (Lynn), 3rd Martin Broomfield (Hunstanton), 4th Lloyd Stark (Boston), 5th Chris Meddler (Norwich)

Heat 2: 1st Broomfield, 2nd Childerhouse, 3rd Stark, 4th Meddler, 5th Farthing

Final: 1st Deane Mayes (North Walsham), 2nd Childerhouse, 3rd Farthing

2L Bangers

Heat 1: 1st Craig Gray (Norwich), 2nd John Riddle (Crimond), 3rd Sean Haller (Fakenham), 4th Vincent, 5th Ian Redden (Kettering), 6th Paul Scully (Luton)

Heat 2: 1st Joe Barratt (Wisbech), 2nd Deane Mayes (North Walsham), 3rd Dave Vincent (Brandon), 4th Ashley Garrod (Swaffham), 5th Scully, 6th Dave Gibson (Bourne)

Final: 1st Mayes, 2nd Jonny Atkins (Bourne), 3rd Riddle, 4th Gibson, 5th Redden, 6th Garrod

Lady Bangers

Heat 1: 1st: Bridgett Woolley (Spalding), 2nd Anna Piggott (Wells), 3rd Kerry Thurgill (Hunstanton), 4th Amy Brown (Boston) 5th Helen French (Wisbech), 6th Suzie Barrie (Dorset)

Heat 2: 1st Brown, 2nd Caroline Garner (Wisbech), 3rd Marie Neale (North Walsham), 4th Cassie Smith (Norwich), 5th Danielle Hewitt (Ely), 6th Gemma Bulldeath (Dereham)

Final: 1st Neale, 2nd: Natasha Street (Chatteris), 3rd Garner, 4th Trudy Gowler (Wisbech) 5th Piggott, 6th Bulldeath