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Skipper Mads Korneliussen crashed in heat five of the King's Lynn Stars meeting with the Poole Pirat

Skipper Mads Korneliussen crashed in heat five of the King's Lynn Stars meeting with the Poole Pirates. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Well my bad luck continued on Wednesday when I returned from injury against Poole – only to get hurt again.

On April 24 I was taken off by Dawid Stachyra and didn't ride for Lynn until the Pirates' return last week. And exactly the same thing happened last week, although this time it was just a racing accident. Dawid jumped the start, got a good one, and maybe thought the referee was going to put the red lights on. But I never stop before they come on and couldn't see them anyway. He must have and stopped straight in front of me. By the time I'd realised he'd shut off I was hitting his rear wheel.

I know it was him before but this was just one of those things. Maybe common sense should have told him to carry onto the first corner and then come off the gas but he didn't and I had nowhere to go. I hit him and ended up having a pretty bad spill. I have a habit of hanging onto the bike when I come off but it was still a weird crash. I've seen the pictures and I was coming down on the right and somehow ended up on the left. It whipped me around like I was riding a Bucking Bronco!

I had to withdraw from the meeting, which sucked, as I hurt my shoulder, knee and head. As soon as I hit the ground I thought: 'Oh no, not again'. My shoulder was pretty bad before and as soon as I landed on it I knew I was in trouble. My immediate worry was that I was going to be out for another two-and-a-half weeks. That would make it five that I've had out already this season through injury. I can't afford that, for the team, or myself money wise.

My shoulder still hurts but that's nothing painkillers can't sort out. I'm going out for a skid later this week so hopefully that goes well and I can be back for the away Poole meeting on Monday and Peterborough at home on Wednesday.

Losing at home to Poole, for the second meeting I haven't completed against them, wasn't great. But we seem to have had a lot of bad luck all at once. We've gone from flying high to looking over our shoulders a bit.

Every team is going to have downs though so hopefully we have had all ours now and good luck can remain with us until the end of the season.

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