The Norwich Half Marathon: everything you need to know

Runners get on their way at the start of the City of Norwich Half Marathon. Picture: Ian Burt

Runners will be out in force at the City of Norwich Half Marathon on Sunday. - Credit: Archant

The Larking Gowen City of Norwich Half Marathon will take place at the Norfolk Showground on Sunday. 

Here’s everything you need to know... 

What’s the weather going to be like? 

Warm. Runners in the first wave will be starting in around temperatures of around 19 degrees. It could get up to around 23/24 degrees by 1pm. 

Where does the route go? 

The race starts and finishes within the Norfolk Showground and follows a rural single lap route through the parishes of Easton, Honingham, Colton, Barnham Broom, Marlingford and close to Easton College. 

Are spectators allowed? 

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Unfortunately not. Only runners will be permitted to enter the Showground. Anyone seen entering the showground with family members or friends will be disqualified from the race. 

When does the race start? 

The race will be set off in waves as follows: 

Wave One 

Race numbers: 1-500 

Start time: 10am 

Enter start funnel: 9.50-9.55am 

Wave Two 

Race numbers 501-1000 

Start time: 10.10am 

Enter start funnel: 10.05-10.10am 

Wave Three 

Race numbers: 1001-1500 

Start time: 10.20am 

Enter start funnel: 10.15-10.20am 

Wave Four 

Race numbers: 1501-2000 

Start time: 10.30am 

Wave Five 

Race numbers: 2001-2500 

Start time: 10.40am 

Should I have my race number? 

Yes – your pack should have been posted to you during the week prior to the race. Make sure you add your personal information to the back. No safety pins will be available on race day so it’s recommended you attach your race number to your top before setting off on race day. 

How will I get my time? 

Your chip is affixed to the reverse of your race number. Make sure your number is attached to your outer layer of clothing. 

Where can I park? 

The postcode for the sat nav is NR5 0TT – car parks will be open in plenty of time before the event. 

Will there be toilet facilities? 

Yes – there will be four toilets avaulable to use. Runners are asked to maintain social distancing whilst using these facilities and wear a mask. 

Is there a bag drop? 

No – there are no baggage or changing facilities available. 

Will there be water stations? 

Yes – there will be water stations at 3, 7 and 10 miles where you can pick up a water bottle. Runners are asked to dispose of water bottles in the bins provided. 

Can I overtake other runners? 

Yes – but try to maintain a social distance of 2m. 

Can I wear headphones? 

No – anyone seen using headphones will be disqualified. 

Is there a time limit? 

Yes – you will be directed to retire if you have not reached the halfway stage within 90 minutes of you wave’s start time. 

Do I get a medal? 

Yes – after you have crossed the finish line you are asked to keep moving and maintain social distance from other runners. You can then pick up a medal from the self-service table along with a bottle of water. 

How do I get my result? 

Your individual result will be texted to you shortly after your race has ended. Full provisional results will be available shortly after the last runner has completed the course. 

Will there be photographs? 

Yes – Epic Action Imagery are the official photographers of the race whilst the EDP will also be there so make sure you check on Sunday and buy a copy of Monday's paper.

Is there any prize money? 

Yes - £4,000 worth of prize money is on offer as follows... the first 10 men and first 10 women will win cash prizes in addition to any category prizes - £250, £150, £100, £80, £70, £60, £50, £40, £30, and £20 - with further cash prizes of £250 to the first man inside 63 minutes 30 seconds and the first woman to break 74 minutes. Cash prizes will be paid via PayPal using the email provided on entry or via bank transfer, if preferred and bank details supplied. Category prizes in the form of running shoe vouchers from On Running or gift vouchers from Sportlink will go to the first three aged 17-39, first two 40-44, first two 45-49, first two 50-54, first two 55-59, first two 60-64, first two 65-69, first one 70-74, first one 75-79 and first one 80+.