Spud Thornhill: Take a tip and go for my Norwich City bet

Alex Tettey - proof of Norwich City's high fitness levels Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Alex Tettey - proof of Norwich City's high fitness levels Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Since 2009, at every home game I have placed the same bet – lose half-time, win full-time.

Up until 2017 I had won only five times in eight years. Since then I have won another five times, with three of them coming in the last four home games.

Whilst I've been in the money in recent weeks, it's another example of what Daniel Farke has installed into our team. In the past we may have gone 1-0 down and many fans would think we wouldn't be able to come back. But not now – this team will not be beaten!

So many strengths are being shown at the moment, and it's those strengths that have made successful teams in the past. This was shown in abundance in our 3-1 win over Rotherham United last Saturday.

We all know about the team spirit, so I'm not going to talk about that. I'm going to talk about the fitness of our team. For someone who has a soft spot for Rotherham and talk to a local Rotherham fan on a regular basis, I know one of their main strengths is their fitness, especially with their manager and Norfolk boy Paul Warne being their fitness coach before taking over as the main man.

Towards the end the game, we were 3-1 up but we had worn Rotherham down so much they couldn't keep up with us. It wasn't just the football that was better, it was the fitness. A prime example was when Max Aarons chased the ball on the right flank. He got he ball, sprinted 50 yards and then appeared to lose it – but he kept chasing like a little terrier and wouldn't give in until he got the ball back. He didn't even look tired once he got the ball and I'm sure he didn't even break into a sweat.

When Farke arrived, one of the first things he and Stuart Webber introduced was double training sessions. A lot of people questioned the double sessions, but, like many things, we are now seeing the fruits of their labours.

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All over the park, you can definitely see the difference. Is Alex Tettey's performance and his discipline this season a coincidence or is this another reason why we are seeing the results of our training sessions? Tettey's reading of the game has got a lot better and he has had only two cautions this season, and one of those was for taking his shirt off after scoring his wonder goal against Preston.

I can see many similarities between this team and the 2011 Paul Lambert team. At this point I must add that, thankfully, Ipswich don't have a Grant Holt and Co or they could stay up. There is only so much magic Lambert can produce!

Under Lambert there were so many times we had to keep going until we won. And another thing, whilst under Lambert, I never worried when we went 1-0 down as I was confident we could make a comeback. Now, under Farke, those thoughts are returning. I'm confident we'll comeback and be even better when we are losing at half-time. More money to win.

I should really say I would prefer to be winning comfortably by half-time so that I can sit and relax but, no, let's have the excitement, the comebacks and the late winners.

So if we are losing, stay calm and keep supporting the boys as we know this team will fight to the end. I am sure we are going to have many more moments like we have had recently against Aston Villa, Millwall and others.

Just remember, if you're going to bet lose half-time, win full-time against Bolton and it comes up, I'll let you treat me to a beer as a thank you.

Never Mind The Danger!