Sky Sports cash bonus for Norwich City’s televised Premier League games

Norwich City are set to land a big cash bonus after the announcement of three more live TV dates has taken them above the minimum allocation for each Premier League club.

The Canaries' match at Newcastle United will be played on Sunday, March 18 (4pm), switched from its original March 17 date, and will be broadcast live on Sky Sports.

In addition, the kick-off time for two of City's remaining home matches has been changed for live TV coverage.

The game against current leaders Manchester City at Carrow Road on Saturday, April 14, has been selected by Sky Sports and will now kick off at 12.45pm. And the visit of Liverpool on Saturday, April 28, has been moved to a 5.30pm kick-off, to be shown by ESPN, who also screened the two sides' meeting at Anfield in October.

These three dates take the Canaries to 11 live Premier League appearances for the season, adding about ��m to their guaranteed TV payments.

A Premier League spokesman said each club was paid a facility fee of �485,000 per live TV match in the UK. There are extras for internet, phone and delayed rights, and each club is guaranteed at least 10 live matches – or 10 payments – per season.

While it is further income for City, a 4pm Sunday kick-off at Newcastle is bad news for their travelling fans, who were faced with an 8pm kick-off for the midweek game at nearby Sunderland earlier this month.

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Robin Sainty, chairman of the Independent Norwich City Supporters' Club, said the Newcastle switch was 'ridiculous', with fans already facing a return trip of about 520 miles, the second longest after Swansea.

He said: 'I understand Sky pays the money and calls the tune but this one is over the top and to judge from comments I've seen today a lot of people are pretty unhappy about it.

'It seems to affect teams like Norwich, who are out on a limb, more than most. People have to part with a significant amount of money and many will have already arranged their weekend.

'It's messed up my arrangements for a start because I booked into a deal just after Christmas to stay in Newcastle and now I'm committed to being there and it will be a very late night getting back.'

Last season, champions Manchester United were paid the most in facility fees, banking �13.54m from their live Premier League games, out of total TV and prize money of �60.42m. Relegated Blackpool were one of eight clubs receiving the joint lowest handout of �5.82m in appearance money.