Shane Long - West Brom need to learn from Norwich City sucker punch

West Bromwich Albion goalscorer Shane Long, who returned to action against the Canaries after being sidelined by a back problem, feels they have been playing better than results would suggest at home – but need to start making it count.

'I think in a lot of the games we have played well,'' said Long, whose second-half penalty – his sixth goal against Norwich – was not enough to avert a 2-1 defeat.

'We are losing to teams around us, which is not helping us, and if you look at the likes of Wigan and Stoke, there are a lot of games there that we should not have lost.

'But just a sucker blow at the end and that's it – the points are gone. It is something we have to learn from.

'We are halfway through the season now, but we have got a long way to go still and hopefully if we keep playing well, we can start turning performances into results.''