Poll result: Paul Lambert - hero or villain?

Earlier this week Norwich City fans were asked whether their opinion of Paul Lambert had been changed by events since his departure from Carrow Road. Was he still a hero, or had he now become a villain, as well as a Villain. Here are a few of your replies...

Graham Fuller: I have been a season ticket holder for many years and have supported City since 1960 at the age of eight. So I have had the fortune to see many of City's best, both in terms of players and managers. Some of them have even been given legendary status by the fans and seen as heroes and tales of deeds done are passed down through the generations, ensuring the legend never dies.

However, legends are just that, something which contains fact and fiction and long may it be. Paul Lambert is not a legend. There is no fiction in the story of Norwich City during Lambert's era with the club. In three years he and all other staff, fans and players saved this club from near extinction.....Fact. It doesn't matter if his social skills, loyalty, and whatever else weren't an integral part of his make-up. It's what happened to our club whilst he was in charge that matters and to me he is a 'hero' in the footballing sense as he was the main reason for NCFC to be where we are now.

I will clap him but as soon as the whistle goes he will be the 'enemy' and all my efforts will be to cheer on City to beat the guy who saved our club but left under a cloud.

Chris Hughton will come good and let's hope he can be the perfect hero, as he seems to not only have a footballing pedigree but the social and personal skills to go with it.

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Roy Blower: We have had some great managers who have left their mark on the history of our club. Archie Macaulay, Ron Saunders, John Bond, David Stringer, Mike Walker and Paul Lambert are the very best in my 65 years watching the Canaries.

Only two managers gave us the belief that we would not be beaten. Archie Macaulay during the 11-game 1958/1959 FA Cup run and Paul Lambert during his back to back promotions and survival by a country mile in the Premier League.

I was very privileged in 2008 as Lord Mayor to present Mike Walker with his award for being voted the greatest ever manager. I believe that honour now goes to Paul Lambert. Hopefully his leaving Norwich City will not discolour his fantastic record.

Keith Spanton, Caister: We all enjoyed three wonderful seasons with Paul and his team and they should not be easily cast aside. The manner of his departure is unfortunate to say the least but let that not cloud all that has gone before.

Consider if his contract had been watertight the parting could have been very different for both sides. But let us not resort to bitterness. It's done, leave it, move on and remember three fantastic seasons brought about by Paul and those who brought him to our football club.

Denis Moughan: I and all Norwich fans can't deny that Paul did a superb job. I was in the licensed trade in the midlands until returning to Norfolk recently. The competition among supporters of WBA, Wolves, Birmingham and Villa is immense. If Paul does not deliver and quick, he will be under real pressure. Why did he leave a club that would get terrific support even if they were in the Blue Square? City fans do not turn on managers but leave it to the board. He sought advice from Martin O'Neill and look how he treated Norwich. To ask for compensation is a joke and I hope City stick by their guns and pay nothing. Norwich board, please stand by your guns.