Paul Lambert’s praise for Norwich City’s old guard

Norwich City's potent finish against Bolton is a sign of things to come, according to Paul Lambert.

The Canaries surged forward in the final quarter to decide a contest which looked to be increasingly tilting in Bolton's favour after half-time, with City's makeshift backline stretched at times.

Lambert added two more young talents to his squad during the January transfer window to equip City not just with the technical ability, but the lung capacity to go right to the final whistle.

'This season, next season, whatever happens to this football club, the lads are at a really young age,' he said. 'They have a lot of years left in their careers to go and play at the highest level, hopefully, for them it will be great. I've said before, the game is about players. It always will be and that's the most important thing, that these lads will have decent careers.

'We try to play the way we train and we train at a high tempo as well. They're used to that. Yeah, they show a lot of enthusiasm for the game. They've been with me now, some of them, for the best part of three years, or two-and-a-half seasons, so they know what to expect, but they've been a credit to the football club. It's a long, long way to go and we've done really fine at the minute. The way they play the game is great, it's great credit to them.'

Lambert also reserved praise for the experienced men in his squad.

'Adam came in and did what Drury does. A terrific pro,' he said. 'I thought Simeon (Jackson) and Grant (Holt) were a handful. I thought Wes (Hoolahan) and Foxy (David Fox) as well. Everybody played well. I had a belief in them to get the goal. I've always said I have got no worries about the lads. To a man, they were absolutely outstanding.'

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Lambert's troops also look the part with the glove-wearing culture at other clubs singularly absent on the coldest day of the season to date.

'It's not probably something I'm an advocate of, wearing gloves and that sort of thing,' he said. 'I just think if somebody's coming from South America to here, I can see why. But whether the lads play with gloves, it's their prerogative to do it. It's not something I've put a stipulation on. I've never noticed that, to be honest, I just let them go and play the game.'