OPINION: Is David Moyes’ departure from Manchester United good or bad for Norwich City?

Axed Manchester United manager David Moyes and new 'interim manager' Ryan Giggs.

Axed Manchester United manager David Moyes and new 'interim manager' Ryan Giggs. - Credit: PA

Tut, tut. Fancy sacking a manager this close to the end of the season. Presumably Manchester United will now be accused of being 'bonkers and deluded' following David Moyes' exit with just four games remaining in his first season in charge at Old Trafford.

The Theatre of Dreams has become a horror story, and The Chosen One is now The Broken One.

But while Reds' fans around the world wring their hands over their club's current fall from grace and most others simply laugh, Norwich City fans will be wondering what it means for their team who, conveniently or inconveniently, depending on your point of view, are at United on Saturday evening.

My first reaction on Monday afternoon when it was clear that the national media had had a 'nod, nod, wink, wink missive' from an 0161 prefixed number was that it was a good thing for Norwich. A quick straw poll suggests I am in a minority of two.

To me, Old Trafford is a place for Red Faces, not Red Devils; United have sacked a manager without giving him the time they promised, the time that his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson was given, admittedly by different owners. They have sacked him with four games to go in a season which has petered out into nothing. Wouldn't it have been advisable to wait until the season was over and save at least a little bit of face?

United go into Saturday's game with Ryan Giggs in interim charge. Will they be better for it? Will it lift Old Trafford? Will it lift the players?

Clearly, there is no guarantee, but my initial thought was that Noriwhc could benefit. All is not well at OT, Norwich are promising something of a resurgence in attitude, if not results - surely, Saturday's game weas there for the taking?

The other side of the fence suggests otherwise: new manager syndrome, so well researched by my colleague David Freezer – As Norwich City face Tony Pulis' Crystal Palace in crunch game, is 'new manager syndrome' myth or reality? – could well give United an advantage. However, I'm not convinced NMS is anything but a myth. How can you absolutely, definitely attribute anything to a change of manager?

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For me, it's (slight) advantage City - what do you think?