Norwich City fans’ reaction to confirmation Paul Lambert is the new Aston Villa manager

Reaction to the news Paul Lambert has been confirmed as Aston Villa boss has already begun flooding in.

Here are some of your thoughts on social networking site Twitter:

@mrjakehumphrey: Paul Lambert took us from League One strugglers to Premier League participants in just 3 seasons. City fans should be nothing but thankful.

@stevegedge: In 16 days' time the dates of the #ncfc v #avfc fixtures become the first to be looked out for now, I guess.

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@Holtmania: Now he's just somebody that we used to know...

@StanCollymore: Hope Norwich now get their new manager right to continue the great work over the last 3 years.

@GeoffHillyer: So - all confirmed then - Paul Lambert is the new manager of #avfc. A turbulent week for #ncfc - who'll be next to lead The Canaries?

@VitalNorwich: Feeling anger towards Lambert today. It'll pass.

@BobRutler: I wish I could say thanks and good luck to a legend. But it's sticking in my craw. A real sour end to a great three years.

@ChrisGeorge85: Thank you Paul Lambert u brought our club back from its knees. Shame u went to villa #allthebest.

@Chris_grand_333: Just to say thank you Lambert for a amazing 3 years and hope u do well at villa apart from when u play us! #ncfc

@canaryboy60: It hurts to see Lambert named as Villa manager but let's wish him well thank him for the amazing journey he led us on and we move on #OTBC

@LeeTodd76: So the Lambert years are officially over. Down to that man I had some of the best days and nights out of my life.