Norwich City boss Chris Hughton believes the Premier League should look to crack down on diving

Norwich boss Chris Hughton wants to see a end to blatant acts of simulation in the Premier League. T

Norwich boss Chris Hughton wants to see a end to blatant acts of simulation in the Premier League. Tottenham's Andre Villas-Boas publicly defended Gareth Bale last season after the Welshman found himself the wrong side of the officials at times. Picture: Tim Hales/PA Wire. - Credit: PA

Chris Hughton's one wish for the new Premier League season is for the top flight to limit the scourge of diving.

Hughton believes incidences of what the football authorities term 'simulation' have been on the rise in recent times. Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas was forced to publicly defend his flying Welshman Gareth Bale last season from persistent accusations he was going to ground too easily.

Hughton insists the problem is not a new phenomenon, but the global appeal of the English game increasingly highlights the issue.

He said: 'There are so many good things in this Premier League in terms of entertainment but one area of the game that annoys and frustrates me is simulation in the game. That is an area I would really like to see us clamp down on. With the amount of cameras at games now it is impossible for players to get away with it so that is a campaign I would back.

'We expect our players not to dive. I don't need to tell them anything. All you can do is create a culture that you hope it doesn't happen. Certainly if I felt anything was wrong of that nature I would speak with the player. Of course there are different levels of simulation and as a striker you might invite a challenge which results in a foul or a free kick - these days that is probably part of the game and something that has been going on for many years – but when we are talking about blatant diving or simulation that is an unwanted part of the game which, sadly, will always be there.'

The football authorities have outlined tougher new plans to deal with players, officials and clubs found guilty of racism. Hughton has backed the FA's proposed bans for players and officials, while Uefa last week moved to ratify a 10-match ban from European competitions and potential ground closures if supporters are found guilty of racist abuse.

Hughton said. 'My reaction to that is a positive one because all we have wanted from our side is action to be taken and certainly in some circumstances it needs to be severe action.

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'The difficulty we have, particularly in cases abroad, where clubs are fined minimal amounts for the size of the club.'