‘Norwich City are on the naughty step but luckily we’re not the only ones’

Timm Klose of Norwich and Andre Ayew of Swansea City in action. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Ima

Timm Klose of Norwich and Andre Ayew of Swansea City in action. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

You know those programmes where a 'supernanny' bounds into a home with a film crew where a snotty little five-year-old is trashing the place, and there are a couple of no-hopers with their mouths open, as over time, with persistence and belief, the little one turns into a happy, kind child and everyone is overjoyed?

Well it's time to put Norwich on the naughty step, ban them from the iPad and send them to bed at 7pm every night. All with a very serious face and calm, but stern, voice.

I'm feel I could be one of the most positive, realistic Norwich fans going, but this run of disappointing results has become something I just can't defend. Clean sheets rarer than commanding performances, positive atmospheres more uncommon than bragging rights to non-Norwich fans at work. It's dire being a City fan currently. Dire.

There have been glimpses of something good that could have stopped the weekends feeling like a perpetual Monday morning in January – but overall, we're sinking and quick.

Let's be very clear – it's not sacking material. The players are working for Alex Neil, inset, their effort hasn't come into question for me. There have been glimpses of decent, match-winning football like the beginnings of West Ham, Leicester and Liverpool, but we were missing that little bit of luck and quality to get those five extra points we deserved from those games. Right now, we need the amount of quality and good luck you'd find in a four-leaf clover held by a leprechaun in Harrods.

Neil doesn't look like the sort of guy who would go down with a whimper to me, so it's time to hold on to your freezing plastic uncomfortable seats.

You can see the frustration in Mr Neil's face as well as ours. We just need that supernanny persistence and belief, but it's a testing time for everyone at the club.

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We play well, we lose.

We play ok, we lose.

We match the utter awfulness of our opposition and we lose.

We concede an offside winner, we lose.

We play defensively, we lose.

We go all out attack, we lose.

We score a last-minute equaliser, we lose.

Basically, we've stumbled into a town called 'Lose' where class, luck and clinical finishing come to die.

Population: Villa, Newcastle, and Sunderland. One of the worst Norwich runs in the club's history and guess what? We're still only ONE point from safety in the hardest league in the world.

Imagine it! A five-game unbeaten run! Think of it. Breathe that feeling in. Taste those salty tears of our opponents as they feel the spicy pain of defeat for once.

It can happen.

It WILL happen!

Believe in the team, in ourselves.

We can do it!!

So, who have we got next?