No need for Norwich City to break the bank during summer transfer window

Leicester's bargain buy Riyad Mahrez battles with Robbie Brady during Norwich City's 1-0 Premier Lea

Leicester's bargain buy Riyad Mahrez battles with Robbie Brady during Norwich City's 1-0 Premier League defeat at the King Power Stadium in February. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Canaries columnist Matt Howman hopes Premier League survival will mean investment across the board at Carrow Road, rather than just on players

In recent years the valuation of a player has descended into absolute chaos; inflated, astronomical figures are being quoted to clubs and, beyond any comprehension, they're paying it.

There are very few instances in which a business would pay such a premium for an asset and it's the commercial power that players in the Premier League hold that is turning the transfer market into a bi-annual farce.

If ever a shining example were to present itself to underline the absurdity of transfer fees it would be Riyad Mahrez. The contribution he has made to Leicester City this season is almost immeasurable, and how much did he cost? Just £440,000. A drop in the ocean compared to the average transfer deal made by the so called 'big four'.

The TV deals being cut that will see every Premier League club have an injection of a minimum of £100m next year mean survival this season will almost guarantee that our club will hold far more financial weight than any team in the divisions below us, so what should we do with it?

It's highly likely the top clubs in the Premier League will be throwing money around to acquire the best talent across the globe, with players such as Pierre-Emerick Aubemeyang being touted with a move to Manchester City.

However, for Norwich, it would be wise to be cautious, not to get drawn into spending for the mere sake of keeping up with the Joneses. It's time, instead, for us to continue investing in the club as a whole.

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The top clubs in world football now have a staff set-up that includes sports analysts, psychologists, sports scientists, nutritionists and much more. These people are all brought in to extract the full potential from each player in the squad and to make them a better player than they were before they walked through the door.

Our strategy going forward should be to aim to better our club's staff, to create a set-up that shows the top players that we're a serious outfit and although our location isn't as attractive as being in London, our facilities and ambition makes us a great destination to play football. I'm in no doubt that we will once again need to strengthen our squad in the summer, but being a Premier League side will be a poisoned chalice in the transfer market so it's time to buy smart. Let's invest in the talent needed to identify the undervalued players and then we'll have a solid foundation for the future.