Neil Adams: Norwich City supporters’ groups give their reaction

Neil Adams - new Norwich City manager - while in temporary charge last season. Picture by Paul Chest

Neil Adams - new Norwich City manager - while in temporary charge last season. Picture by Paul Chesterton - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City supporters' groups have been reacting to the appointment of Neil Adams as permanent manager.

Ben East, 39, from Manchester, is a member of Northern Canaries and has supported Norwich City since he was a child.

'Neil Adams experience with the FA Youth Club and the last few games he was in charge of shows he is a progressive manager who will play in a modern and exciting way, which will enthuse the fans.

'He has the best interest of Norwich City at heart and he understands the club.

'There will be an element of the supporters who will be worried it was the easy option but, I think in time, having someone who understands what needs to happen to get back to the kind of football and position the club were in – he knows that.

'The decision has been made and we need to get behind him and support him.'

Jamie Hart, 34, from Scotland, is the chairman of Scottish Canaries.

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He said: 'I have mixed emotions. After waiting two weeks for a big announcement it was a bit of a downer. But we need to back him and we've got to be there and be strong.

'If he gets the passion back into the club, that's what we've needed for two years. If he gets the fans back on board that's a good thing.

'I don't know how he will be welcomed but if he brings the passion back that is all that matters. He should do okay hopefully.'

Robin Sainty, press officer for Norwich City Supporters Trust, said: 'I think I feel ambivalent to be honest. We are probably all a little bit surprised – we expected it would be Malky Mackay.

'Neil Adams is a Norwich City person through and through and I think that counts for a lot. My concerns are his lack of experience but we've been in this situation before - Mike Walker worked out fairly well.

'It's easy to write him off but I think he is passionate and has a good football background. Hopefully he can bring passion back to the football club.

'Many fans will be underwhelmed by the choice but we have to back him.'