Martin Olsson is not sensing familiar warning signs at Norwich City

Martin Olsson has suffered the pain of Premier League relegation before in his professional career, but the Swedish international does not detect similar warning signs within the Norwich dressing room.

The 25-year-old was part of the Blackburn squad during the much-maligned Steve Kean era which slipped into the Championship in 2012 during a period at Ewood Park that saw supporters ranged against Kean and unpopular owners.

'It does feel different because there were a lot of changes going on at Blackburn,' he said. 'I think this group here at Norwich we have some good players and we play good football. That is what frustrates me the most, that we play good football and create loads of chances and we don't score the goals. You can look at games like Cardiff and West Ham but we feel we have lost matches before that when we had played well.

'It is tough mentally and it is frustrating but you have to deal with it. What can you do but go out there again? I think mentally as much as physically the break we have just had can help. It has given us a chance to refresh and come back stronger and hopefully we see that on Sunday.'

Olsson knows Chris Hughton's Carrow Road future remains a divisive issue among supporters but the defender insists the burden of responsibility must be shared.

'He is a good guy and he is easy to talk to. I like him a lot as a person and we are all behind him,' said Olsson. 'He is a great man and he has a lot of respect from the players. He talks to us individually and tells us what he wants and where we are going wrong.

'The manager has pressure on him but so do we as players. It is not only his fault. If we had scored those goals then of course it would be different but we haven't. I don't think the gaffer pays a lot of attention to the speculation. You hear bits and pieces and you are aware of it but all you can do is focus on your football and for me that is about picking up points.

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'Of course we are feeling the pressure now. All the teams around us are picking up points. We want to win every game but sometimes it doesn't happen. We are professionals, we have to deal with all that and give 100% whenever we go on the pitch.'

Olsson has been a permanent fixture in Norwich's backline this season, but Tottenham's Carrow Road visit is a reminder of one of his most bitter footballing memories after a red card against Spurs back in 2008 following a torrid shift trying to cope with Aaron Lennon, who could be in the visitors' ranks again.

'Yes, I was sent off four or five years ago for two strong tackles. That is all part of a learning curve. It was all part of my experience,' he said. 'I would have no problem facing him again. I like coming up against good players. You don't want easy games, you want to test yourself.'