Makeover plans for NCISA

Norwich City's most established supporters' group is planning a major facelift.

The Norwich City Independent Supporters' Association (Ncisa) is planing a name change and opening its doors to similar bodies in a bid to create a larger organisation which, they say, will be 'run by the fans, for the fans'.

Subject to agreement at their AGM, they will operate under the working title of the Independent Norwich City Supporters Club (INCSC), with all committee members standing down and inviting new and free elections.

The existing committee will be in place and laying the groundwork until the AGM, which cannot be held under the current constitution until September.

'The intention is to create an organisation that is run by the fans for the fans, with a strong emphasis on social events, and the hope is to develop regional groupings which will allow for inter group competitions and a decentralised administration,' said Ncisa, in a statement.

'There has already been informal discussion with many of the disparate City supporters groups with a view to developing closer ties and providing benefits to their members, with very positive feedback.

'Many of the most popular Ncisa innovations, such as free member draws for match tickets, hotel discounts and forums involving members of the media and former players will be continued by Incsc, but new initiatives are also being discussed, and the hope is that, as the organisation grows the level of benefits available to members will grow with it.

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'The fundamental objective of Incsc will be to support and assist Norwich City Football Club in any way it can, while providing supporters with a focal point and a means to get together and share in an exciting period for the club.

'An early opportunity for everyone to learn more about the changes will come at a forum on May 13 which will incorporate a short briefing followed by a Q&A session with a panel made up of media and radio personalities.'