Former Norwich City player Darren Eadie answers YOUR questions following Wolves win

Darren Eadie, former NCFC footballer and presenter on Mustard TV. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Darren Eadie, former NCFC footballer and presenter on Mustard TV. Photo by Simon Finlay. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

Presenter of the Mustard Show and former NCFC winger Darren Eadie answered questions from football fans live on the Mustard TV Facebook page.

What are your thoughts on the transfer window thus far?

It's always a really interesting time in the season and particularly in Norwich because it never goes well. I expect to see a few more exits. Sergi Canos has been linked with Brentford so it's looking likely he will go back there. Fans say he hasn't played because Jacob Murphy's form is so good, but there has been occasions where he has needed a rest and Canos hasn't been given the opportunity which is a bit baffling. He wants to move on to further his career.

Robbie Brady has been linked here, there and everywhere without a successful bid thus far. £13 million has been quoted at the moment, but I'm not sure whether he's accepted or not yet. If you get a decent figure now you should take it and get players in as we all know you need to sell before you can buy.

If there's a firm offer of £13 million for Brady why aren't the club taking it to get selling?

He hasn't covered himself in glory this season. You need to invest otherwise you're going to have loads of money at the end of the season and no time to bring anyone in. They'll be left with Brady who's a good player but hasn't done much this season for Norwich. Hopefully a decent bid comes in soon as Neil has alluded to the fact he has his eye on people and wants to buy.

Why has Lafferty been forgotten at kick-off?

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It's a difficult one as you become a better player when not playing. He likes to pipe up on social media and can be a bit disruptive, but sometimes a character like that is needed. I personally think he's not the answer. He has a good international record, but his club form is mediocre so I'm not surprised he's not featured in one upfront partnership. He's better with someone alongside him.

Would Moxey have been phased by the snakepits song aimed at him? He wouldn't mind, he's been in the game too long to be affected so he probably quite enjoyed it. Although, I don't think Moxey knew what he was coming in to at Norwich.

Do you think Alex Neil can turn things around?

Saturday's game was a good result, but it needs to be backed up with five or six games to get the fans on side – one or two won't change the atmosphere. There's been a drawing in the sand between fans and the football club, with the former feeling isolated and not part of the club. This needs rectifying with a solid run of good games. It is inevitable he will go at some point, but I think he can turn it around – he's done it before. The club backs him and fans should too if we want to get back on top. I still believe we are one of the best squads in the Championship ability wise.

Why haven't NCFC experimented with different formations this season?

I agree that Neil likes to stick to one formation. He's changed a couple of times with not too bad results, but this was probably forced on him as every manager likes to stick to one set up. The current formation doesn't particularly suit this group of players.

Do you think Norwich will ever be back in the Premier League?

Yes, it's where they belong. It's so frustrating after the success of recent years and we all thought Norwich were in a position where this didn't need to happen and in a position to take the next step to be a stable Premier League side like Stoke, Southampton and Bournemouth have done. Yes they've had big investors, but we all thought Norwich were good financially too. It doesn't matter how stable you are, you need to have recruitment right on the pitch. The last four/five windows have been awful. They are scouting players off stats rather than actually seeing them play. You can't stat on leadership, determination, grit and desire.

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