Feet first for Norwich City throw ace Tierney

Marc Tierney is one of the small band of footballers who has a long throw-in as part of his armoury – but the City defender is determined to use it only on special occasions.

The weapon can be dangerous in the right hands – and for certain teams – but Tierney is happy to let the talented feet of the City midfield do the talking.

It was during his time at Shrewsbury that Tierney first discovered his talent.

'One of the managers, he had his crazy moments and he decided one of the fellows had a ridiculously long throw and to teach the rest of the team how to do this throw, so it came out of nothing and it has ended up as something I can use to at least get in the box,' he explained.

'Personally I don't think I have got a particularly long throw – it's not Delap-esque I don't think, but if it means on a quick counter I can throw it in behind the full-back and we can get going, so be it.

'I think it's more the threat of being able to put it in the box straight away allows the space for people like Wes (Hoolahan) to come short and get on the ball, and Andrew Surman, because we have a lot of quality here when we get the ball down and pass it.

'I think if anything just the threat of the defending team maybe having to drop off allows our football to take advantage like it did at Barnsley.

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'It was a lot more use with Aidy Boothroyd (at Colchester) and the style that he plays, but I think with this team it is a lot more with the threat of it and we can get down to playing again.

'It's not to be used banging the drum and drying the ball off with the towel and launching it in. I don't think we are that kind of team. If it is needed late on possibly, if it is not so much we will get it down and play and there is always the threat there that keeps them on their toes. A lot of footballers prefer that way as well.'

Tierney used the long throw sparingly at Barnsley a week ago: much more satisfying was his inch perfect cross which gave Andrew Crofts the first goal – and prevented an ear-bashing from Hoolahan.

'I do like to get forward and the way it came to me, Wes was screaming for the ball and I knew any ball I put in had to be a quality ball and luckily he tucked it away,' Tierney said.

'Wes would probably have given me a mouthful if we hadn't scored there because he always wants to be on the ball. That is the great thing about being in this side – everybody wants the ball. We generally try to keep moving the ball and it creates problems for the opposition.'

Tierney believes Preston will be a lot more difficult proposition than Barnsley, who were beaten by half-time.

'I have heard a couple of reports on Preston and they have been doing well of late and been somewhat unlucky apparently by all accounts to lose at Burnley,' he said.

'I think it is a case of maybe one point isn't enough for them and they will definitely go out to any team they go to for the three points, so they are definitely a dangerous animal and we have to treat them with respect.'