FA charge West Brom’s Tamas with violent conduct

The FA have charged West Brom's Gabriel Tamas with violent conduct after the defender caught James Vaughan with an elbow towards the end of the Canaries' 1-0 defeat at Carrow Road on Sunday.

Tamas has until 6pm on Tuesday, 13 September to respond to the charge. If the player admits the charge he may accept an automatic three match sanction.

Asked if he thought the elbow was deliberate following the final whistle, Norwich City manager Paul Lambert said: 'It's not great – that's for sure.

'James is away to see the plastic surgeon at the minute so it's a bad one. It's gone right through the lip. We just can't stitch it up. The specialist has got to look at it.'

'I think it's a penalty. I've seen it and he has caught him. It's a penalty – no matter what way you want to look at it.

'I spoke to the referee. He didn't see it, but you have to think somebody else will see it.'

West Brom boss Roy Hodgson insisted the incident was accidental.

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'That was an elbow, wasn't it? An unintentional elbow,' said Hodgson.

'That's why I looked at that one because that was very contentious but I've seen that and it's an unfortunate elbow.

'It doesn't make it any happier for Vaughan if you get an elbow accidentally or intentionally, it's still a painful blow and it's not a pleasant thing to happen to you. I have seen it and, as he turns, Tamas, he catches him with his elbow but I'm 100pc convinced it's unintentional.'

Hodgson said he would be 'disappointed' if there was any retrospective disciplinary action over the incident.

He said: 'I don't think that would be necessary. It's a strange thing. We are so against video technology but all of a sudden we decide we use video. I haven't quite worked out in my mind yet when video technology is a good thing or when it's a bad thing.'