Disgruntled Norwich City fans “hijack” Player of the Season award

Norwich City's Carlo Nash in training.

Norwich City's Carlo Nash in training. - Credit: Action Images

He may never have played for Norwich City, but reserve goalkeeper Carlo Nash appears to be winning the race to be named the club's Player of the Season.

The 40-year-old, who signed from Stoke City last summer, is the subject of a campaign by fans, disgruntled by the team's performances this season, to be awarded the title.

The Barry Butler memorial trophy is given to the player who receives the most votes, with nominations accepted by email and post, as well as by Facebook and Twitter.

Around 2,000 fans have already voted on Norwich City's Facebook page with Nash, a yoga and backpacking enthusiast, appearing to be the front runner on the social media site.

Hundreds more have also voted for him on Twitter, using the hashtag #NCFCPOTS. While the club was not commenting on the situation, it is understood that when factoring in email and postal votes, Nash doesn't appear in the top five.

Some fans, however, have criticised the campaign, arguing that it is disrespectful to other players and not a fitting way to motivate the team as they go into the final two games of the season, needing strong performances to have any chance of avoiding relegation. Among these fans, Robert Snodgrass and Martin Olsson have attracted many votes.

Should Nash succeed, it could present the club with an awkward situation. The player himself, who has been named nine times on the bench this season, has offered a possible way out.

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He has posted on Twitter that, should he receive the most votes, he would 'have to graciously decline and of course give it to someone who has earned it.' Loading...