Chris Hughton can handle the stress of Norwich City’s Premier League survival scrap

Chris Hughton admits keeping Norwich City in the Premier League is an all-consuming passion.

The Canaries' chief will look to plot West Brom's downfall at Carrow Road on Saturday as he tries to close in on a second season of top flight survival. Hughton accepts the huge demands that come with working at the sharp-end of his industry and the constant battle to ensure City do not get sucked deeper into the relegation mix.

'You can never switch off. That is the game now. When you are not at the training ground working you spend an equal amount of time thinking through decisions and what you can do better,' he said. 'That is part and parcel of the job. Sometimes you do wish you could switch off but it is very difficult. You listen to everything around you. Generally what normally happens is when you have won at the weekend you pick up the Sunday and Monday papers. When you haven't you tend to give them a wide berth, but you have to be big enough to accept that and take the knocks on the chin.'

Hughton believes all his Premier League rivals are operating under the same stress.

'Any manager would prefer not to play under pressure but there are very few where that is the case,' he said. 'If you are in the position we are right now it's the pressure to get the results, if it's the bigger clubs pushing for Europe then it is about pressure to finish in a certain position.

'Even if you have been a mid-table team and perceived as such there is pressure to keep that position. You always have to step up to the challenges. They are always there. Criticism comes with that and you have to be able to accept it and look forward to the challenges.'